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Static Content Generator--wyam

Label:(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: Today continue the topic of static Web site, introduce me to choose a use. NET development of the

Deploying Nginx Portal Services for kubernetes services in a cluster

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This time, has been engaged in the kubernetes related to the east: like what kubernetes cluster, DNS plug-in installation and configuration, integrated ceph RBD

50 Practical CSS Tools

Includes CSS grid and layout tools, CSS optimization tools, CSS menu generation tools, CSS button builder, CSS fillet builder, CSS frame, CSS sprites Builder, CSS typesetting tools, and CSS table birth Builder. 50 CSS tools, including CSS grid and la

11 best CSS Frameworks in web design

Tags: des style http java using OS strong fileWeb design and development has become a highly competitive virtual world. To survive in the virtual world of the web, just a bunch of static online applications is far from enough, and the web must have

Cocos2d-x best practices for invoking custom C + + classes and functions under LUA--go to

Tags: des android blog http using os io fileOriginal address: Http://blog.segmentfault.com/hongliang/1190000000631630Cocos2d-x best practices for invoking custom C + + classes and functions under LUAAbout Cocos2d-x under the LUA call C + +

Jshint Configuration Item Description

tags: person ADO mapreduce work configuration doc into Nal browserJshint Configuration Item Descriptionauthor 9I attention 2016.01.26 17:07 words 3475 read 4081 comments 0 likes 2 What is jshint?The official website is described As:

Golang Advanced (i)--glide user manual

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. +++Title= "Golang Advanced (i)--glide manual"Date= "2017-10-10"tags=["Golang", "Glide", "Docker"]categories=["Resource Management"]Description= "Golang also has

cocos2d-js3.5 automatically bind C + + to JS on Mac

Label:According to the official tutorial will also have problems, now put the problem record, in order to avoid the same problem later do not know what to doAccording to the guidance inside the Readme.txt, the need to install the software are

I understand Cocos2d-x 3.6 lua--Cocos How to bind LUA custom classes

Tags: cocos2d-x luaCocos2d-x 2.x vs Cocos2d-x 3.x difference (tolua++)Cocos2d-x in the 2.x version is using tolua++ and. pkg files to register themselves in the LUA environment, but starting from Cocos2d-x 3.x , with The Bindings-generator script

Cocos Advanced Tutorials (1) Best practices for Lua to invoke custom C + + classes and functions

Label:First layer: pure C environment, register C function into LUA environmentA.lua filePrint (foo ())A.C file#include <lua.h>#include<lualib.h>#include<lauxlib.h>intFoo (lua_state *L) { intn = Lua_tonumber (L,1); Lua_pushnumber (

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