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YAML syntax-yaml turn Golang

Basic rules YAML has the following basic rules: 1, Case sensitive 2. Use indentation to represent hierarchical relationships 3, prohibit the use of tab indentation, you can only use the space key 4. There is no limit to the indentation length, as

Serialization format: XML, JSON, YAML

Serialization in. NET is usually in binary or xml format. After ajax emerged, the JSON format is also used, which is rare compared with YAML. BinaryCannot be directly read. It must be decoded at the binary level;The format is defined by the vendor.

Linux Nine Yin canon of nine yin Bones claw fragment 5 (ansible usage two playbook and YAML syntax)

Playbook is a list of one or more "play"The main function of play is to dress up a pre-set host as a role defined in advance through the task in ansible. Fundamentally, the so-called task is nothing more than a call to Ansible's module. By

YAML template file Syntax

YAML template file Syntax The default template file is Docker-compose.yml, where each service defined must be automatically built with the image directive specifying the mirror or build instruction (requires Dockerfile).Most of the other

Use of Ansible playbooks

Playbooks Concept:Tasks:Tasks: Specific operational tasks that are supported by each module:Example:-M user-a ' name= password= 'Variables:Variable:Templates:Template:After defining the template, you can implement the variables corresponding to each

. NET 4.X in advance with. NET Core configuration mode and hot reload configuration

1. PrefaceIn the current era of promoting microservices and serverless, traditional. Net application configuration patterns often rely on an XML file called Web. config, which is disconnected from the age of extensibility and readability. Of course,

Server-side Go program for the processing of long and long links and the preservation of running parameters _golang

Processing strategy for long and short connections (analog heartbeat)as a server that may interact with many of the client's, the first thing to ensure is the stability of the entire server's running state, so it is important to ensure a timely

The playbook of 3.3 ansible

Playbook1 Playbook is a list consisting of one or more "play"The main function of 2 play is to dress up a pre-merged host into a role defined in advance by a task in ansible. Fundamentally, the so-called task is nothing more than a module that calls

Common configuration file formats

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Configuration files are commonly used in the project to configure the initialization parameters, and the format of the configuration file there are many, different

CPAN installation Net::ssh: Some problems encountered in the:P Erl _perl

Use CPAN to install Net::ssh::P erl:Cpan>install net::ssh::P erl A number of problems have been encountered during this period for later reading. Because Cpan's dependence on other software requires that the software version is not too low,

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