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Python datetime and time some doubts and get the same period last year, month, etc date

Tags: src answer why time range div ret file isThere are a few doubts about datetime and time.1, ()--Why two DateTime is required to return the current time, only need to Time.localtime ()And then I got it.

My97datepicker Select year, quarter, month, week, day

All along, the most used is my97datepicker to get the month and day method, today suddenly wandered to this article, stay, for future use Write one yourself: Get the year and start counting from next month <asp:textbox id= "Txt_date_1" runat= "wi

Use interval year to month type

Label:Oracle database 9i Databases introduce a new feature that can be used to store time intervals. Examples of time intervals include:1 Years 3 months25 months-3 days, 5 hours, 16 minutes1 days 7 hours-56 hoursAttention:Do not confuse the concept

SQL Server gets this week, this month, this year and other Time records

Label:DateDiff (Week,zy_time,getdate ()) =0//query this weekDateDiff (Month,zy_time,getdate ()) =0//enquire this monthThis season: SELECT * from table where DATEDIFF (Qq,c_calltime,getdate ()) =0First half year 1-6, after half year 7-12:select *

SQL statements get today, yesterday, nearly 7 days, this week, last week, this month, last month, half year data

Label: onTo say there is an article table article, the time to store an article's added article is the Add_time field, which is an int (5) type, you now need to query the total number of articles added today and sort by time from large to small,

PHP gets yesterday timestamp, the current time information array, last week and last week in which year, last month and last month in which the year

/** * Gets the current time information array * @params void * @return array */function get_current_time_array () {$date = Strtotime (Date (' y-m-d ')); Date time stamp $week = (int) date (' W '); The first week of the Year $

MySQL by year, Quarter, month, week, day SQL statistics query

Tags: GPO pre from ORM Database Inter reference Mat fieldI. Annual ENQUIRY Enquiry data for the yearSELECT * fromblog_articleWHERE Year(From_unixtime (Blogcreatetime))= Year(Curdate ()) Second, query quarterly data query data with quarter

SQL gets the current date, year, month, day, week, time, minute, second

Label:Select GETDATE() as 'Current Date', Datename( Year,GetDate()) as 'years', Datename(Month,GetDate()) as 'Month', Datename( Day,GetDate()) as 'Day', Datename(DW,GetDate()) as 'Week', Datename(Week,GetDate()) as 'Week number',

MySQL Query today/this week/last week/this month/last month's data

Tags: targe date csdn. NET Das nbsp Create mode TestMySQL queries a lot of ways, the following for you to introduce the MySQL query is to query this week, last week, this month, the last month's data, if you are interested in MySQL query, may wish

Java Date Date, the number of days of the year, the abbreviation of the week, how many days of the month, how many months

Tags: body RGS oid string may demo div ATI numberImportJava.util.*; Public classDatedemo { Public Static voidMain (String args[]) {Date Date=NewDate (); //use of B, month abbreviationString Str=string.format (, "English month abbreviation:%

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