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Enterprise-class open source monitoring software Zabbix

Tags: Zabbix Enterprise-Class monitoringThe most rapid of an open source software has a certain understanding and understanding, the best way is crossing network introduction.------Shangwei SuperFirst question: What is Zabbix?A:Zabbix is an

Developer Linux: CentOS7 installation configuration IT equipment monitoring system Zabbix

Tags: Zabbix linux centos cacti Nagios1. PrefaceIn the previous article on how to install memcached and Redis, this article mainly describes how to install enterprise-level IT equipment monitoring system Zabbix. I have worked in the Informatization

Zabbix introduction of linux--monitoring System

Tags: Zabbix simple applicationI. Overview of ZabbixZabbix is an enterprise-class open source solution that provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities based on a web interface.Zabbix can monitor various network

Quick Install configuration Zabbix

Tags: ZabbixOneInstall deployment Zabbix ServerZabbix server can run on Linux systems such as CentOS, RedHat Linux, Debain, and centos-6.6-x86_x64 as the deployment environment.1.1server-side installation lamp environmentYum-y install gcc gcc-c++

ZABBIX API Introduction and use

Tags: send post request Data flow Base no programming language intermediate simplified Information protocolAPI IntroductionThe Zabbix API begins to play an increasingly important role, especially when integrating third-party software and automating

Zabbix 3.0.3 Study Notes

Tags: identified shanghai CREATE database characterI. Installing Zabbix and resolving diagrams characters1. Install the Zabbix (configure the relevant Yum source, solve the package dependency problem, refer to the official documentation)Yum install

Zabbix Getting Started

Tags: mobile internet Cloud monitoring System system integrated monitoring softwareZabbix 's customers In the domestic, bat part of the business, watercress, 58 with the city, PPTV, Sohu, LeTV, everyone, NetEase, millet, 360 and other companies are

Installation of Zabbix and LNMP platforms

Tags: htm opcache zlib dir ADL etc gre ati ReadLineZabbix3.0.3 Installation DocumentationEnvironment Rhel 5.8ip: to install:NginxPhpMysqlZabbixInstallation steps:One. Nginx1.6 InstallationInstall Pcre (support regular expression)

Zabbix Monitoring Deployment

Tags: uil netstat post mysql tar zxvf load 9.png pos WordZabbix is an open source monitoring software, let's study the deployment of Zabbix monitoring together.Environment: Host Name Address System Role

Zatree plug-in optimization: Supports HTTP Basic authorization authentication access Zabbix API

Tags: zatree zatree http AuthenticationZatree is a plug- in for monitoring software Zabbix that provides a tree display of host group and a keyword query and data ordering in item. Zatree Project Address,

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