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Docker installation Zabbix

1. Install database MySQL FirstDocker run--name zabbix-mysql-server--hostname zabbix-mysql-server \-E mysql_root_password= "123456" \-E mysql_user= "Zabbix" \-E mysql_password= "123456" \-E mysql_database= "Zabbix" \-P 3,306:3,306 \-D \Mysql2. Create Zabbix-serverDocker run-

Zabbix Automatic discovery monitoring Docker stats and top status

;/?$2*1:$2))}{print $1,a} ' >/tmp/. $e. txtDoneThis script needs to be cycled and placed in a scheduled task every minute */1 * * * */usr/bin/sh/etc/zabbix/scripts/docker_host_status.shDocker Name Auto Discovery script [Root@localhost scripts]# Cat!/usr/bin/python# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Filename:docker_name# revision:1.1# date:201608018# Author:mark# We

Zabbix monitoring Docker container prompts for insufficient permissions

Zabbix monitoring Docker Prompt permissions not enough issuesBackgroundWith the increasing use of Docker in the project, Docker's operational status becomes a concern, using Zabbix to monitor the Docker container, not only the operation of the container itself, but also the

Zabbix jumpserver that monitors docker running

View port 2222 [[emailprotected] ~]# lsof -i:2222COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAMEdocker-pr 7179 root 4u IPv6 378945139 0t0 TCP *:EtherNet/IP-1 (LISTEN) View the name of the docker running junpserver Process [[emailprotected] ~]# ps -ef | grep dockerroot 7179 26590 0 08:04 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 2222 -containe

Docker installation and sharing of common commands and sharing of common docker commands

provides a Web server and javax. serv... 225 [OK] Docker. io docker. io/isuper/java-oracle This repository contains all java releases... 55 [OK] Docker. io docker. io/lwieske/java-8 Oracle Java 8 Container-Full + Slim-Ba... 37 [OK] Docker. io

Zabbix 3.2.6-Mysql multi-instance Monitoring-Percona Monitoring Plugins automatically found that zabbix-percona

Zabbix 3.2.6-Mysql multi-instance Monitoring-Percona Monitoring Plugins automatically found that zabbix-perconaMysql multi-instance monitoring system environment: cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core) kernel version: uname-r3.10.0-514. el7.x86 _ 64docker version: docker-vDocker version 1.12.6, build 3a094bd/1.12.6docker image version:

Zabbix server installation and deployment of enterprise-level monitoring software zabbix

Zabbix server installation and deployment of enterprise-level monitoring software zabbix Zabbix has been applied online for more than half a year. I want to write down my experiences on zabbix's use in the production environment and some experiences, so that you can learn from them without detours! Environment:Server: CentOS6.3 _ X86.64Zabbix:

Introduction to Docker Installation and command usage

Installation [root@zabbix-3 ~]# yum install docker-engine util-linux [root@zabbix-3 ~]# systemctl start Docker [Root@zabbix -3 ~]# Docker search CentOS searching Mirror [root@zabbix

CENTOS installation and deployment zabbix and centos deployment zabbix

CENTOS installation and deployment zabbix and centos deployment zabbix Http:// () The rhce email has been sent, so I am free to update the previous documents. The content I updated is mainly to add my current understanding to the configuration and tell you some ideas and ideas at that time. Instead of posting a lot of commands as many documents on the Internet, many friends who

Deploy Zabbix monitor MySQL (a) Install Zabbix

Deploying Zabbix monitoring MySQL(1) Install LAMP Environment[[email protected] ~]# yum-y installmysql-server http php(2) The dependency packages required to install the Zabbix Web[Email protected] ~]# yum-y installmysql-dev gcc net-snmp-devel curl-devel perl-dbi php-gd php-mysql php-bcmathphp-mbstr ing Php-xmlinstallation Fping:[Email protected] zabbix]# wget ht

How to install zabbix and zabbix on centos7

How to install zabbix and zabbix on centos7How To Install Zabbix Server On CentOS 7By SKShare on Facebook Tweet on Twitter About Zabbix ZabbixIs an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution that can be used to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices and other I

Docker Source Code Analysis (a): Docker architecture

1 Background 1.1 Docker introductionDocker is a container engine project based on lightweight virtualization technology from Docker, the entire project is based on the go language and complies with the Apache 2.0 protocol. Today, Docker can quickly automate deployment of applications within the container, and can provide container resource isolation and security

Enterprise-class distributed Monitoring System Zabbix series (Zabbix-server installation)

This article takes the CentOS 6.7 x86_64 system as an example, the environment is the new system which just completes.Zabbix-server-End Environmental monitoring[Email protected] ~]# Cat/etc/redhat-releasecentos release 6.7 (Final) [[email protected] ~]# uname-r2.6.32-573.8.1.el6 . X86_64[[email protected] ~]# uname-mx86_64[[email protected] ~]#[[email protected] ~]# Ifconfig | Awk-f ' [inet addr:|]+ ' Nr==2{print $} '[[email protected] ~]# yum repolist

Zabbix (one: Zabbix service side)

By default, Zabbix has 5 processes:Zabbix_agent zabbix_get zabbix_proxy Zabbix_sender Zabbix_server, another zabbix_java_gateway is optional, this requires additional installation.ZABBIX_AGENTD: Client daemon, which collects client data such as CPU load, memory, hard disk usage, etc.The Zabbix_get:zabbix tool, which is used separately, usually executes commands to obtain remote client information on the server or proxy side. Usually the user is wrongl

[Zabbix series] Alarm System Setting and elimination, zabbix series Alarm System

[Zabbix series] Alarm System Setting and elimination, zabbix series Alarm SystemThere are many solutions for email alert. Here we choose the msmtp + mutt solution with better stability. A good solution is that you do not need to build an independent mail server on your own. You can use third-party mail. This method not only effectively solves the problem that unknown email addresses are processed as spam em

Docker+mysql+zabix-server Environment Construction

Tags: lin centos7 ase RAC span Aliyun Server Agent ModificationThe combination of using Docker to build Zabbix is Mysql+docker+zabix-server, using the Zabbix container to connect to the MySQL container, the database file of the MySQL container is guaranteed to exist the physical host/opt/mysql_db/mysql/ The DataDir dir

Docker Quick Start-common docker commands

Docker Quick Start-common docker commands 1. Introduction to docker commands 1. Introduction to docker commands You can run the sudo docker or sudo docker HELP command to view the docker

Zabbix Server Installation configuration and zabbix installation Configuration

Zabbix Server Installation configuration and zabbix installation Configuration 1. Install httpd, mysql, and php yum install httpd php mysql mysql-devel php-xmlwriter php-gd php-mbstring php-bcmath php-mysql and install zabbix-2.2.6.tar.gz Tar zxvf zabbix-2.2.6.tar.gz-C/usr/local/src/# unzip useradd

Zabbix Monitoring Agent Zabbix-proxy

The new company monitoring with the Zabbix, which used to Zabbix-proxy, originally did not try to get, now first installed to see in order to follow up the use of inspection.Zabbix-proxy is a monitoring proxy server, which collects the monitored data, stores it in the buffer, the time can be set by the configuration file, and then transferred to Zabbix_server; the monitoring agent needs a separate database

Zabbix compilation installation (zabbix-3.0.2 Server_install) __zabbix

first, environmental preparedness Host and software preparation Os:centos 6.7x86_64 Zabbix version: zabbix-3.0.2 MySQL version: MariaDB10.1.13 Nginx Version: nginx-1.8.0 PHP Version: php-5.6.1 Host IP Planning: Host ip: Host Resource planning: Memory: More than 2GB Host partition:/TMP partition at least 2G above, MySQL data disk 20G above Second, basic component Installation (LNMP) 1), the basic

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