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Zen garden Zen of CSS before publishing-soliciting comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies on this book

We will present this fully-colored new book with one or two comments from designers and programmers of Chinese website companies. People's post and telecommunications Publishing House 07 Coming soon; Amazon computer bestsellers 2007 Popular books: Zen Garden Zen of CSS ------- A new CSS book that subverts traditional w

2.1 "CSS Zen Garden" Introduction

In the design of the website, especially in the field of CSS design, there is a world famous website--css Zen Garden, the Chinese name is "CSS Zen Gardens". This website shows the highe

Zen coding quick to write HTML/CSS code implementation _ Experience Exchange

address Zen coding for Dreamweaver v.0.7 test Pass Is it a little confusing? Today, I'm going to introduce you to Zen coding, a set of tools for fast HTML and CSS encoding. Originally introduced by Vadim Makeev in April 2009 (the article in Russian), I developed a few months from my humble (i.e. I) and finally reached a more mature state. The

2.3 CSS Zen Garden Works appreciation (next)

First, cacao--food theme designSome of the works in Zen Garden are designed around a theme. For example, the No. 057 work shown here is a food-based design. It was designed by the American designer Shaun Inman. Can the visitor's appetite be lifted by exquisite food photographs?In addition, this design describes a very beautiful pop-up menu. However, this effect c

CSS Boulevard to simplicity-read CSS zen garden

CSS to simplicity We only acknowledge that there are things that do exist one by one. All universal concepts that interfere with this specific existence of holes are useless cumbersome and nonsense and should be abolished. Do not add entities unless necessary. --- Occam Razor I looked for two theme studies over the weekend:CSSRegular Expression After reading "CSS zen

Zen coding css,html Abbreviation replace Grand Panorama Quick write Html,css_ Experience Exchange

Read this article and read the Web article carefully. The implementation of Zen coding fast Coding HTML/CSS Code Copy Code code as follows: E Element name (Div, p); E#id Use the elements of the ID (div#content, P#intro, Span#error); E.class Use the elements of the class (Div.header, P.error.critial). You can also use class and idid:div#content.column.width together; E>n Descend

Design Pattern Zen Design Principle Concept Summary _ design pattern

Conceptual summary of Design principles Read the design patterns of Zen, the design principles to do a summary of the concept, if you want to better understand, or to see the specific details, this side can only be a rough summary, as a learning note. Principle of single responsibility English Name: Single Responsibili

2.2 CSS Zen Garden Works Appreciation (ON)

I. Country--Two-column layoutThe two-column layout is the most common form of layout in all sites and is the most common in Zen garden works. This layout is clearly structured and has a very good guide to visitors. The country is a representative of this type of work, set by Mario Carboni, the Italian designer. In this work, the page is divided into reasonable, and color with peace and harmony, click on the following URL to view.The site of the visit

[Zen Reading Notes in design mode] 001 _ six principles of design mode (1): single Responsibility Principle)

Preface The Zen of design patterns is tied to this book. When I went to the library to borrow a book in the next semester of my junior year, I saw a new book with a title containing the word "Zen, at that time, he was infatuated with Steve Jobs. Therefore, whatever the messy content it writes, you can use it to get it back to the dormitory. Next, during the summe

[Zen Reading Notes for design patterns] 008_23 design patterns 2: Factory method patterns

Preface "Zen of design patterns" saw 78th pages. Continue to stick to it! As a creation-type design model, the factory method model is frequently used. Therefore, the learning of this model is quite valuable. So what is the definition of this mode? What is the implementation of this mode? What is the role of this model? I will do everything possible for readers t

Six design principles of Zen design pattern-Interface Isolation principle

submodule or business logic;Through the business logic compression interface in the public method, the interface often to review, as far as possible to get the interface to "flesh", rather than "fat doodle" a lot of methods;has been contaminated with the interface, as far as possible to modify, if the risk of a large change, the use of adapter mode for conversion processing;Understand the environment and refuse to follow blindly. Each project or product has specific environmental factors, don't

The six design principles of Zen design pattern-open and closed principle

is metadata? The data used to describe the environment and data, in layman terms, are configuration parameters that can be obtained from a file or from a database.-----> Develop Project Charter(1) Norm-setting, unified style programming-----> Package Changes(1) The package of changes contains two meanings: first, the same change is encapsulated in an interface or abstract class. Second: The different changes are encapsulated in different interfaces or abstract classes, and there should not be t

Zen of design pattern--the principle of interface isolation of six design principles

day good face is also beautiful still need to modify, this time, there is a big kill device appeared-the design is limited, can not indefinitely consider the future change situation, otherwise it will fall into the mire of design can not extricate themselves.Maintain the purity of the interface1, the interface as small as possible, with a single responsibility conflict priority to consider the principle of

Design Patterns--The Zen reading notes of design patterns

type T, and the return value of the same method (overloaded or overridden) of the subclass is S, then the Richter substitution principle requires s to be less than or equal to T. 3. Dependency inversion principle (DIP): The high-level module should not rely on the bottom low-layer module, both should rely on its abstraction; Abstraction should not depend on details; Detail should be dependent on abstraction. The dependency of a PS object is passed in three waysOne, the construct

Design pattern of Zen design mode-façade mode

- Letterprocess.fillenvelope (address); + //Pack Envelopes A Letterprocess.letterinotoenvelope (); at //Send a letter - Letterprocess.sendletter (); - } -}View Code"4" Client test1 PackageCom.yeepay.sxf.template18;2 /**3 * Client Testing4 * @authorSXF5 *6 */7 Public classClienttest {8 9 Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Ten //Letter of Business class OneIletterprocess letterprocess=NewLetterprocessimpl (); A //Letter of Business class façade c

[Zen Reading Notes in design mode] 007_23 Design Mode 1: Singleton Mode

Preface Today, I started to learn the first mode of 23 design modes-singleton mode. I have read many blog posts about Singleton mode on the Internet. Today, I am going to explain the design patterns in the Zen of design patterns. The author is still very careful. The only pity is that the author explained the singleton

Six design principles of Zen design pattern-Dimitri principles

weigh repeatedly, not only to make the structure clear, but also to achieve high cohesion and low coupling.---> Dimitri Law requires decoupling between classes, but the decoupling is limited, the principle is only for reference, if it violates this principle, the project may not fail, which requires you to use the principle of repeated measures, do not follow is not correct, strict implementation is "too bad."Iv.: Central idea(1) in a scene, the A,b,c class. Complete a goal. A relies on b,b to

Design pattern of Zen design pattern-Strategy mode

} - - the}View Code"4" policy wrapper1 PackageCom.yeepay.sxf.template13;2 /**3 * Policy Wrapper4 * High-level module invocation is very simple,5 * know which strategy to use, produce its object, and then put it in the wrapper role to complete the task.6 * @authorSXF7 *8 */9 Public classContext {Ten One PrivateStrategy strategy=NULL; A - PublicContext (Strategy strategy) { - This. strategy=strategy; the } - //Kam SAC Performers - Public voi

Design pattern of Zen design mode-command mode

*/ at Public voidaction () { - This. Command.Execute (); - } -}View Code"6" Client1 PackageCom.yeepay.sxf.template10;2 /**3 * Client Class4 * @authorSXF5 *6 */7 Public classClient {8 9 Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Ten //first declare the caller Invoker OneInvoker Invoker =NewInvoker (); A //define a recipient -Receiver receiver=NewConcreteReciver1 (); - //defines a command sent to the recipient. theCommand command=NewConcreteC

Design pattern of Zen design pattern-Decorator mode

did something"); - Super. Operate (); -System.out.println ("Concretedecorator1.operate () Decorator 1 did something"); - } + - +}View CodeThe role of "5" Decorator 21 Packagecom.yeepay.sxf.template12;2 /**3 * Decorator 24 * @authorSXF5 *6 */7 Public classConcreteDecorator2extendsDecorator {8 9 PublicConcreteDecorator2 (Component Component) {Ten Super(component); One } A - @Override - Public voidoperate () { theSystem.out.println ("Concretedecora

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