zend cache

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PHP encryption method-use Zend Encoder to encrypt PHP files and optimize PHP configuration (PHP file encryption)

When releasing a PHP program you have written, are you worried that the result of your hard work will be occupied by others? In fact, we can use Zend Encoder to add a protective shell to our PHP file. Software Version: 2.0.1 Software size: 10.2M

Zend Framework Various Libraries Introduction _php tutorial

In fact, Zend do is just a super bull professional phper all the knowledge packaged into a package, for everyone to use. Of course, this phper habit does not necessarily meet your needs, just take the content you need. After all these have seen,

Introduction to various Zend Framework Libraries

In fact, zend only packs all the knowledge of a super professional phper into a package for you to use. Of course, this phper habit does not necessarily meet your needs. Just take the required content. After reading this, you can pick out some of

Zend founder: Do not rush to upgrade to PHP6_PHP tutorial

Zend founder: Don't rush to upgrade to PHP6. Zend is the main character of many open-source success stories. It follows a pattern that has been proven successful in MySQL and Subversion, zend, which requires high reliability and scalability for Web

Beginner's entry: describe the core Zend of PHP4

I. summary: The name of Zend Engine is a combination of the names of ZeevSuraski and AndiGutmans senior designers responsible for core development in PHP. the target engineer of the development aims to develop a new script performance mechanism, and

The core of PHP4: Zend (reprinted from Osso)

The core of PHP4: Zend Taiwan Pengwuchen wrote a special topic "The core of PHP4: Zend". Although it was written last year, it feels helpful to have a conceptual understanding of php/zend. So translate it. For the first time, the original Zend

Zend Founder: No rush to upgrade to PHP 6_php tutorial

Zend is one of many open source success stories that follow patterns that have proven successful in MySQL and subversion, providing technical support and commercial software for enterprise customers who need high-reliability, highly scalable Web

Accelerating PHP with Zend Opcache (2)

optimizer+ is the first and fastest opcode caching tool for Zend developed closed-source, but free-to-use PHP optimization acceleration components. Now, Zend technology company will optimizer+ under PHP License open source becomes Zend Opcache.

PHP kernel exploration: Zend virtual machine

PHP kernel exploration: the Zend virtual machine has learned that the execution process of a PHP file on the server side includes the following two major processes: Hand the file to be executed by the php program. after the php program

Beginner's portal: Describes the core Zend of PhP4.

The name of the Zend engine is a combination of the names of two senior designers, Zeev suraski and Andi gutmans, who work as core developers in PHP. the developer aims to develop a new script execution mechanism, and PhP4 is the first

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