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PHP encryption method-use Zend Encoder to encrypt PHP files and optimize PHP configuration (PHP file encryption)

When releasing a PHP program you have written, are you worried that the result of your hard work will be occupied by others? In fact, we can use Zend Encoder to add a protective shell to our PHP file. Software Version: 2.0.1 Software size: 10.2M

Windows zend optimizer installation and configuration tutorial

The installation and configuration of zend optimizer are very simple. I didn't plan to write the zend optimizer configuration tutorial. However, to ensure the integrity of the PHP environment configuration tutorial on Windows, I installed zend

Lexical analysis of Php-zend engine analysis (i.) ____php

PrefaceIdle to study the bottom of the PHP Zend Engine source code, the Zend engine is a PHP script virtual machine. In the PHP upper layer has the SAPI interface, is responsible for each access level abstraction, for example PHP inside the Apache

PHP 5.3 and Zend Debugger

Since the use of PHP5.3, the problem is really much, since the last time a connection with MS SQL Server problem, this time in the installation of Zend debugger, there are problems. According to Zend's official Zend Debugger installation steps,

Win2003 iis+php+mysql+zend Configuration steps detailed 1th/2 page _php tips

First, the acquisition of software 1.php first go to http://www.php.net/downloads.php to download the latest PHP 5.2.0 version. 2.MySQL can be downloaded to the latest 5.0.xx version in

Are you expecting it? View the future of PHP from the design blueprint of Zend Engine 2.0 (draft)

Some MiscellaneousThe first is the original intention of writing this article. I have obtained the design blueprint document for Zend Engine 2.0 for some time (now you can download it from the reference URL ), after reading this article, I had the

Linux installation Zend Optimizer and Eaccelerator tutorials

Eaccelerator and Zend Optimizer is an accelerated software, we can use it to synchronize with the PHP environment to use PHP performance better, let's take a look at Linux installation Zend Optimizer and Eaccelerator tutorials Download Zend

PHP5 installation configuration and Zend Optimizer installation tutorial

installation 1. First download PHP 5.2.5 (http://www.php.net/downloads.php) The PHP installation path in this article takes c:\php 2. Download and get php-5.1.2-win32.zip, directly all to the C:\php\ directory can be php file storage directory c:

Install Zend Optimizer and eAccelerator in CentOS

Zend optimizer is used to optimize php code. During php Execution, after the php file is read from the disk to the memory, the code in the php file should be compiled to generate OPCODE, then Zend engine runs the Opcode. Zend Optimizer is used to

Iis6+php5+mysql5+zend optimizer+phpmyadmin Installation Configuration Graphic Tutorial 2009 _php Instance

Convenient for everyone to reprint and offline reading, this tutorial HTML source code, UBB source, pdf version, flash version to provide download.Download Address: Http://code.google.com/p/wpmi/downloads/list Operating system:

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