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Source code when installing zabbix3.2.7 PHP LDAP Warning

Tags: module version pre source Tor style Environ solution divThe problem is as follows:Workaround:1, first check the source code installed PHP module whether there is ldap.so[Email protected] ldap]#

CentOS6.5 How to install LDAP account Manager

Management system, the administrator can be encrypted to operate, enhance security. Lam supports managed account types with SAMBA2/3, UNIX address Book interfaces, and computer-required information, including NIS maps, e-mail aliases, MAC addresses,

Deploy phpMyAdmin and configure Apache to authenticate with LDAP

Tags: lamp phpmyadmin apache OpenLDAP LDAP mysqlIn fact, the configuration of Apache using LDAP authentication example, the previous PLA and Lam is a typical case, but this time to separate the configuration of Apache and LDAP integration, and the

Source code when installing Zabbix PHP LDAP Warning

Tags: col ldap resolve ext Download Source code compilation OpenLDAP Extract--First, if the source code is compiled[Email protected] php-7.2. 7 ls /usr/local/php/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20170718/opcache.a opcache.so# An alarm occurs

Build php5.2.17+zend Optimizer3.3.9+jexus Environment under Centos 6.6

Label:(Why install php5.2.17 this version because phpweb this program used to Zend Optimizer3.3.9 this east has stopped updating the highest support 5.2 version of PHP so there was a night pits himself and summed up this article)CENTOS6 Yum By

Error: PHP Warning:xdebug must is loaded as a Zend extension in Unknown on line 0____php

andymacbookpro:~ andy$ php-m PHP Warning:xdebug must is loaded as a Zend extension in Unknown on line 0 [PHP Modules] Bcmath bz2 Calendar Core CType Curl Date Dba Dom Ereg Exif FileInfo Filter Ftp Gd Hash Iconv Json Ldap Libxml Mbstring Mssql Mysq

LNMP Environment Construction--php Chapter

First, the source installation 1. Compiling the installation ./configure--Prefix=/usr/Local/php\-- with-config-file-path=/usr/Local/php/etc-- with-bz2-- with-curl\--Enable-ftp--Enable-sockets--Disable-ipv6-- with-GD\-- with-jpeg-dir=/usr/Local--

Delete old PHP version under Mac system to install the latest PHP version and Xdebug

This article describes the content of the Mac system to remove the old PHP version installed the latest PHP version and Xdebug, with a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to My 2015 version of the MACPRO

PHP 5.6 Compiler installation method in Linux (Support ORACLE/MARIADB database)

Most phper compile PHP, the pattern is very fixed, simple support for some common extensions to support MySQL is enough, and these phper prefer php5.2 php5.3 Even php5.4 are very few, very reluctant to try to compile a new version, later fixed on thi

PHP4.1.0 published in the English version 2_php tutorial

PHP 4.1.0 Release announcement PHP 4.1.0 Publishing Announcement (2)-Added support for single dimensional SAFEARRAYs and enumerations. Added an Is_enum () function to check if a component implements an enumeration. (Alan, Harald) added support for

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