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Take a look at the product lines for foreign saas, such as salesforce, NetSuite and zendesk, and more (salesforce buys $750 million for cloud computing word processing Applications Quip)

distribution advantage to pursue a bottom-up approach to a customer. These software companies pursue the value proposition of the WORKFLOW. But there are exceptions:Salesforce,NetSuite, and Workday. Some companies are transitioning from workflow applications to recording systems, and Zendesk is one such example, initially serving small and medium-sized companies, later serving the mid-market, and then converting to an Enterprise-grade recording syste

Introduction to Enterprise Internet services

would be the easiest business to scale and replicate. How big is the imaginary space of enterprise Internet service? The Enterprise Internet Service market will become the next big guy's field of birth. Data from foreign countries that have been quoted before are indicative of this trend. Over the past 1 years, the U.S. corporate services market has more than 15 IPOs, raising $7 billion and a total market capitalisation of more than $40 billion. Only take customer service this market segment, c

Unity Technical Support team performance optimization experience sharing

, the middle is the current drawcall rendered screen, below is the current Drawcall related data, the upper right is the current drawcall used texture data. This tool can show the time-consuming of each drawcall, so it can be used to check which objects render too much time-consuming. Then the analysis is the shader reason, or the mesh body is too complex and so on.OtherThere is no such comprehensive performance analysis tool in Xcode under the Android platform. The most commonly used tools are

Increase the conversion rate of 21 pricing pages for Webpage Design Appreciation

We often say that the design should be fresh, concise, and clear at a glance. Recently we have seen a trend towards flattening the design of Shixing. Today we will share with you the design of this type of page-the design of the pricing page. Many times, when you jump from the homepage to the pricing page, you feel like you are coming to another website. The importance of the pricing page is self-evident. If you want a higher conversion rate, you may wish to spend more time on it. Source: WDL An

Essential for Web developers: Web application check list

, using a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation is also helpful. Use a friendly URL Although Web applications are not targeted at organized visitors (from search engines), people always want to know what appears after clicking when sharing addresses in emails or IM. There are usually few interpretations of this, so the URL itself can provide at least relevant information during sharing.Conversion Policy Invitation code system Inviting registration is the oldest and most effective conve

[Summary] Wonderful use of the hosts file

numbers. 4. Do not flip the wall to the youtube203.208.39.104 www. youTube. com203.208.33.100 gdata. youTube. com5, do not flip the wall twitter128.121.146.228 Twitter. com128.121.146.228 www. twitter. com128.121.146.101 assets0.twitter. com128.121.146.101 assets1.twitter. com128.121.146.101 static. twitter. com128.121.146.229 assets2.twitter. com128.121.146.229 assets3.twitter. com65.74.185.41 Twitter. zendesk. com65.74.185.41 help.twitter.com 6. do

To improve the conversion rate of 21 cases Pricing page Design appreciation

We often say that the design should be crisp and concise, at a glance. Recently we have seen fashionable design trends towards the plane, and today we want to share the design of this kind of page-pricing page design. Many times when you jump from the homepage to the pricing page feel to another site, and the importance of pricing pages is self-evident, want a higher conversion rate may wish to work more on this. Source: WDL Anyperk Audible Barkbox Campai

Web design as a target service allows web design to follow the rules

, their desire to buy will swell up. Finally, when the user makes a decision, the line of sight falls naturally on the button, directing them to buy or register the product immediately. Let me give you some examples. Lemonstand Opera Zendesk Baidu Quick Search Button Action button to do the gray often eye-catching clickable very strong, this is necessary. Take a look at the following button instances: function Point If you c

Mysqlbinlog into Elasticsearch

https://github.com/zendesk/maxwell/releases/download/v1.10.7/maxwell-1.10.7.tar.gzTar Xvfz maxwell-1.10.7.tar.gz4. Open the Maxwell command lineNohup Bin/maxwell--user= ' Maxwell '--password= ' [email protected] '--host= ' '--producer=kafka-- kafka.bootstrap.servers= Explanation: The host parameter is the console where MySQL is installed, and the last Kafka.bootstrap.servers is the node hostname and port number of the in

How to start a Freelancer career?

Toptal, you can find Major customers such as JPMorgan, Zendesk, and Airbnb with higher salaries and the opportunity to participate in meetup in the Toptal community. Hire the top 3% of freelance developers, designers, and other tech talent. 3. Elance Elance is also a very popular platform in freelancer, with a wide range of work types. It simplifies the entire user experience, from file creation to payment and receipt. Hire freelancers and find free

How to start Freelancer career?

than 1.5 million customers. It offers various types of freelance, various short-or long-term projects, hourly or project-specific work, targeting professional level and amateur level projects. With so many kinds, you can certainly find a suitable one. Upwork-hire Freelancers Get Freelance Jobs Online 2. Toptal Unlike other platforms, Toptal is a slightly higher-end, more professional and more experienced freelancer. On toptal you can find big customers like Jpmorgan,

2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

also an important piece of knowledge, with little attention and handling of this type of knowledge, which is also the basis for intelligent customer service, and more customer service centers begin to focus on the refinement, collation and insight of this knowledge in more than 2016 years. In addition to service in the call center itself, but also for the market, research and development departments to provide support for decision-making to avoid the call center to guard the plight of the begga

JIRA Official Website: What are the highlights of Jira?

know exactly how you work, and modify the Jira workflow and workflow solution to meet the needs of team collaboration. Link to source codeWhen submitting code to the code library, enter the question keyword in Jira to associate the Jira question with the code to track and manage code changes. Link to other systemsDo you want to associate a requirement task of Jira with the requirement document of confluence? Can saleforce and

Comparison between AngularJS, Backbone. js, and Ember. js, angularjsbackbone

. Ember is going back to 2007. It was first presented to the world with the SproutCore MVC framework, developed by SproutIt, then Apple, and then came to 2011, yehuda Katz, a core contributor to jQuery and Ruby on Rails, was involved. Famous Ember users include Yahoo !, Groupon, and ZenDesk.3. Community Community is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a framework. The big community means more answers, more third-party modules,

Comparison of AngularJS, Backbone.js and Ember.js

, then Apple, and then to 2011, when JQuery and Ruby's core contributors to Rails Yehu Da Katz took part in. The famous Ember users include Yahoo!, Groupon, and ZenDesk.3 CommunityThe community is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a framework. The greater community means more answers, more third-party modules, more YouTube tutorials ... You, get it. I made a statistic, as of August 16, 2014, Angular is the absolute king, as G

Comparison of AngularJS, Backbone.js and Ember.js

, developed by Sproutit, then Apple, and then to 2011, when JQuery and Ruby's core contributors to Rails Yehu Da Katz took part in. The famous Ember users include Yahoo!, Groupon, and ZenDesk.3 CommunityThe community is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a framework. The greater community means more answers, more third-party modules, more YouTube tutorials ... You, get it. I made a statistic, as of August 16, 2014, Angular is

20180705 how to parse MySQL Binlog

From: 74964366/The relationship database and the Hadoop ecosystem are becoming more dense and more demanding. This article is to investigate the real-time crawl MySQL update data to HDFs. This article is for research report only. Preliminary research was conducted on Canal (Ali) +kafka Connect+kafka, Maxwell (Zendesk) +kafka and Mysql_streamer (Yelp) +kafka. These tools crawl MySQL by scanning the binlog, simulating MySQL master and slav

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