zero considered integer

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Why are the arrays of some programming languages calculated from zero?

Like the C-language array, the Python list is counted from zero. To tell the truth, from the beginning of programming to the present, have not thought why this design? MATLAB is not starting from scratch. Is there any advantage in engineering? Reply

Leetcode Title Finishing-2 Reverse integer && String to Integer

Tags: what is because test number about hand imp problem caseToday's two questions about the basic data types of discussion, it is estimated to consider a variety of situations, to study carefully7. Reverse IntegerReverse digits of an

Start with the zero-based backtracking algorithm

Label:This article in the writing process reference a lot of information, can not be enumerated, but also forgive me. The definition of backtracking algorithm: The backtracking algorithm is also called Heuristic method, which is a method to search

From zero to Hero, a text mastering Python

Tags: class inheritance about another splicing no need data science Python class docFirst question, what is Python? According to Python's father Guido van Rossum, Python is:A high-level programming language whose core design philosophy is code

Does integer addition in a computer satisfy the binding law?

Label:Today read the concept of programming language (concepts of programming Language), the seventh chapter of the "Binding" section:The addition of integers in some computers does not have a binding nature. For example, suppose a program

UVa 10061 How many is zero ' s and how many digits?

The factorial length and the number of tail 0 under arbitrary system 10061-how many zero ' s and how many digits?Time limit:20.000 seconds Http://

MySQL integer size

Label:I was all wondering what's the size of numeric columns in MySQL was. Forgive me if this is obvious to someone else. But for me, the MySQL manual lacks a great deal in this field.Tl;dr:it ' s about the display width. You have see it when you

Shell comparison (file test, string, Integer)

Label:file Testing (-f,-d,-r,-r,...) [-f/root/file.txt],[-d/root/mydir] [[-f/root/file.txt]]File testing aspects [[]] same as [] string comparison (-z,-n,!=,==,...) [-Z "${str}"],["${str}"! = "${str}"],[!-n "${str}"][] can only

JS integer, floating-point conversion to character type

Tags: javascript jsJS data type conversion method mainly has three kinds ofConversion function, coercion type conversion, using JS variable weak type conversion.1. Conversion function:JS provides two conversion functions for parseint () and

JS type conversion-string-to-integer, floating-point method, forced type conversion, etc.

Label:1. Conversion function:JS provides two conversion functions for parseint () and parsefloat (). The former converts the value into an integer, which converts the value into a floating-point number. Only these methods are called on the string

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