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Zeromq in saltstack

Basic Introduction Pre-reading Environment Description Zeromq patterns in Salt Salt master Salt minion Salt Summary Basic Introduction The underlying network architecture of salt is implemented using zeromq (2014.1 and earlier versions, starting

Using ZEROMQ (CLRZMQ) for asynchronous communication

ZEROMQ is the encapsulation of sockets, which enables complex network communication patterns by combining multiple types of nodes. and ZEROMQ design is simple, can have a variety of platform implementation, for cross-platform project is a

Saltstack (Fri) Saltstack and Zeromq

I. Description of ZEROMQWe carry out automated operations in most cases, the number of our servers has far exceeded the scope of human SSH maintenance, Saltstack can support thousands or even more servers, these performance is mainly from the ZEROMQ,


What the hell is a zeromq?Connect your code in any language, on any platform.carries messages across InProc, IPC, TCP, TPIC, multicast.Smart patterns like Pub-sub, Push-pull, and Router-dealer.high-speed asynchronous I/O engines, in a tiny

ZeroMq LRU Algorithm Middleware

Some time ago 2014 Beijing Pycon Conference Spit A lot, so I went to Infoq looking for 2013 of the Assembly video, on the network shooter high Noon 2 Python-based server architecture video is very interested, especially the game server 0 downtime,

Zeromq source code analysis 6-2--req and rep

This article describes the socket of zeromq in req and rep. This is a classic request-reply example. The Code is also very simple: /// Hello World server // binds rep socket to TCP: // *: 5555 // expects "hello" from client, replies with "world" //

Data flow sessionbase and Socketbase in ZeroMQ (Java)

The previous article has made it clear how Zeromq (Java) handles IO at the bottom,The Selectablechannel object and the IO event callback are maintained through the Streamengine object, and then the selector object is maintained through the Poller

ZeroMQ with Producer-consumer

Make sure need!Let's see the map below: If Your Data centre send many many data to a socket ...Let's see the map again. So what know how to use the ZeroMQ deal with your data ...We assume the the socket.recv just like a client ... (Actually,it ' s


[Req-broker-rep] mode: for requests from multiple clients, the broker distributes multiple tasks to the workers one by one, so that requests from multiple clients can be sent to the broker concurrently. Worker concurrent execution operations. The

Proposition composition: A thorough understanding of the various search procedures for IP routing tables in a IPV4 address tree

This is a thesis composition. Recently always wanted to write something, but have been unable to find the topic, just received an e-mail, someone asked me the layout of the Linux routing table problem and the problem of routing cache, in addition to

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