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[ZigBee] 15, ZigBee protocol stack Application (i)--zigbee protocol stack introduction and simple examples (long wen, osal and ZigBee introduction knowledge)

1. Introduction to ZigBee protocol stackProtocol is a series of communication standards, both sides of the communication need to follow this standard for normal data transmission and reception. Protocol stack is a concrete implementation of the Protocol, the popular protocol stack is a protocol and the interface between users, developers through the use of protocol stack to use this protocol, to achieve wireless data transmission.1: The

ZigBee Communication (first meeting)

equipment, because of this ID can be used with each other, Chint's switch can control Philips lights ...Endpoint, the name seems easy to misunderstand, think it is the serial number of the device, it is not. In this example, Z1 has key1/key2 two endpoint, doing different things separately. It corresponds to the same "application" in the 0-240 different "sub-applications", of which No. 0 endpoint is "ZDO" reserved, can not occupy. If you are familiar with TCP/IP, you may feel that the Endpoit an

ZigBee Learning Path (a): ZigBee introduction

I. PrefaceHello everyone, I am a college student, recently to ZigBee very interested, so I bought from the internet a fire cc2530 ZigBee Development Board, want to through this platform to share their own study and research experience, below to simple introduction of ZigBeeTwo. ZigBee definitionZigBee is a low-power LAN protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard

[ZigBee] 13, ZigBee Foundation Stage Review and deepen understanding-with timer 1 to generate PWM to control the LED brightness (seven-color lamp)

Introduction: PWM for a lot of software engineers may be familiar and unfamiliar with PWM to adjust the LED brightness For example, its essence is in every period of cutting corners, the overall performance of the LED under-voltage brightness of different effects. As you can see the seven color lantern its principle is similar, just with 3 PWM control red, green, blue three colors of the lamp output brightness, and then combined with the principle of mixing color to show the colorful effect ~Wri

[ZigBee] 9, ZigBee AD Analysis--ad collection CC2530 temperature serial display

value of the 12-bit valid data that obtains the ADC sample is saved in value value = ADCL >> 4; ADCL Register low 2 bit invalid, because he only 12 bit valid, ADCL register low 4 bit invalid. A lot of code on the network here is the right shift two bit, that is not the value |= ((UINT) ADCH) But the value is only the ADC value, not the temperature value, need to convert, the code 18, 19 lines is to complete the conversion: (As for how to calculate I guess there should be a form

Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitiveness

Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitiveness Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitivenessAt present, there are major ZigBee chip vendors (2.4 GHz), including Ti/chipcon, Ember (ST), jennic (), Freescale, and microchip.Cur

[ZigBee] 12, ZigBee watchdog timer--Bite the good dog when hungry

generate a system reset signal to let the system reset. Therefore, 69 lines in the code if the comment out feed the dog, the result is the system constantly restart LED2 flashing, if the dog feed LED2 solid.ZigBee Series Articles:[ZigBee] 1, ZigBee introduction[ZigBee] 2, ZigBee development environment construction[

[ZigBee] 1, ZigBee introduction

ObjectiveAt present, China vigorously promote the internet of Things is the main battlefield of ZigBee applications, the Internet of things through intelligent sensing, recognition technology and pervasive computing (I also specifically applied for a domain name PSJS.VIP), ubiquitous network fusion application, known as the second computer, the world's information industry after the development of the third wave. If you want to make a difference on th

First knowledge of ZigBee technology 1 Zigbee protocol

First knowledge of ZigBee technology 1 Zigbee protocol 1. ZigBee is a short-distance, low-rate wireless data transmission protocol (IEEE 802.15.4 protocol ). Wireless network operating frequency: 868 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz Maximum data transmission rate: 250 kbps 2. Zigbee protocol: 2.1 Adopt a layered approach and dif

[ZigBee] 6, ZigBee basic Experiment--timer 3 and Timer 4 (8-bit timer)

after 245 interrupts, flashing round (approx. 0.5 sec. time) the{//The oscilloscope measurement ensures accurate -Count =0;//Count Clear 0WuyiLED1 = ~led1;//change the state of LED1 the } - } Wu - About /**************************************************************************** $ * Program Entry function - ****************************************************************************/ - voidMainvoid) - { AInitled ();//set the corresponding IO port of the LED light +InitT3 ();//setting th

Apache version of Hadoop ha cluster boot detailed steps "including zookeeper, HDFS ha, YARN ha, HBase ha" (Graphic detail)

Not much to say, directly on the dry goods!  1, start each machine zookeeper (bigdata-pro01.kfk.com, bigdata-pro02.kfk.com, bigdata-pro03.kfk.com)2, start the ZKFC (bigdata-pro01.kfk.com)[Email protected] hadoop-2.6.0]$ pwd/opt/modules/hadoop-2.6.0[Email protected] hadoop-2.6.0]$ sbin/hadoop-daemon.sh start ZKFC Then, see "authored" Https://www.cnblogs.com/zlslch/p/9191012.html   Full network most detailed start or format ZKFC when the Java.net.NoRouteToHostException:No route to host appears ...

[ZigBee] 2, ZigBee development environment construction

This section describes the ZigBee Basic development environment building, the annex has the software described in this section ~Links:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bLdqxg1, the IAR Embedded Workbench installation  Step1, double-click the installer to install  STEP2, always use the default next until after you click Accept:  Step3, key : Double-click to open the file IAR kegen PartA.exe. Win7, 8 users right-click to open as AdministratorStep4, click Generate

ZigBee 2530 Chip Learning (a) background understanding and ZigBee development Platform construction

First, understand the basic knowledge of ZigBee1) Three types of nodes, three roles--cc2530Coordinator Coordinator: (only one) starts from it, assigns network addresses, allows the device to join or exit, and transmits datagrams.Router Rooter: Large area network or tree network, used to find the best path, other same coordinator (cannot build network)Terminal Enddivice: Joining or exiting the network, transferring data2) network topologystar Topology (simplest, only terminal and node, ready for

Discussion on ZigBee related issues in TI Forum _ti Forum

ZigBee Technology-Texas Instruments Online Support community Click on the Open link 1. The ZigBee terminal sleep device, which can support AC and DC two kinds of power supply, how to maintain the low power sleep characteristics in DC and improve the real-time of data communication when AC power is supplied. The device switches the power supply through a switch switch, each time the device reads the switch s

Design and Implementation of ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Platform

Design and Implementation of Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Platform [Date: 2008-8-1] Source: Electronic Technology Application Author: Dong Haitao, Qu yugui, Zhao Baohua [Font:Large Medium Small]   A wireless sensor network is an Integrated Intelligent Information system integrating information collection, information transmission, and information processing. It features low cost, low power consumption, low data rate, and self-or

New Prospect of ZigBee Wireless Technology

WIFI is quite familiar to everyone, but you know that ZigBee wireless technology is another technology that is favored by major manufacturers and researchers. It can connect more wireless devices and adapt to the use of the company and the family. The following describes its development potential in detail. In a short time, you may see it in the remote control of smart electric meters and high-end TVs that PG E has begun to install. In the not too di

ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology and Its Application

ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology and Its Application [Date:] Source: Automated instrumentation by Zhou Yi Ling Zhihao Wu Qinqin [Font: large, medium, and small]   0 introduction the industrial field has improved labor productivity and reduced production costs by introducing various advanced technologies in the modernization process. Among these technologies, the most typical is digital technology and modern communication

"ZigBee Wireless Networking" study note "2"

the ZigBee Wireless Networking " This book on ZigBee technology interpretation of a more comprehensive, highly recommended colleagues to read! For the electronic version of this book, please click on the link below to download:http://yunpan.cn/cg7SjbsXsM79r Access Password 0821Large collection of 1,zigbee terms:2, illustrated

ZigBee Substation Monitoring Data acquisition system

0 Introduction the The country has proposed a "Smart grid" program and has developed a timetable for building a "strong smart grid". "Smart Grid" will achieve the "power flow, information flow, business flow," the integration of a high degree of integration. Intelligent substation is an important foundation and support of strong smart grid, it is in the center of the smart grid hub position. On the receiving of high-voltage power grid input, the next to complete the substation and the u

Design of lighting monitoring system in ZigBee classroom

With the development of education, the school's hardware investment, campus lighting system is expanding, in bringing brilliant and convenient at the same time, also brought high costs, management difficulties, slow failure reporting and other problems. A set of efficient lighting monitoring system can greatly save manpower and financial resources. Nowadays, the rapid development of wireless communication technology and automatic control technology provides the technical support for the classroo

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