zip code validation in javascript

Want to know zip code validation in javascript? we have a huge selection of zip code validation in javascript information on

jquery Validate Add custom validation rules (verify mailbox ZIP code) _jquery

Jquery:validate Add custom validation JQuery.validator.addMethod Add a custom validation rule Addmethod:name, method, message Simple instance: Add to a single validation Copy Code code as follows: Validate.expand.js Copy

JavaScript Form Validation Common code

JavaScript can be used to validate these input data in an HTML form before the data is sent to the server. The typical form data that is validated by JavaScript is: • Has the user filled out the required items in the form?• Is the email address that the user entered legal?• Has the user entered a valid date?• Does the user enter text in the Data field (numeric field)? Here is the complete

Detailed description of JavaScript ID card number validation and instance code, and detailed description of javascript

Detailed description of JavaScript ID card number validation and instance code, and detailed description of javascript Recently, you need to verify the validity of your ID card. real-name verification is not expected. However, the original verification rules are too simple, but they simply verify the length of your ID

JavaScript IP, domain name, mobile number Regular expression validation code _ regular Expression

This cell phone number is the correct validation function can be said to be the latest support, which has a detailed description, no matter what the next increase in the number of sections we are very easy to modify a little bit. JavaScript phone number Regular expression validation function Copy Code

JavaScript-common regular expression form validation code _ regular Expressions

-\\xff]+$",//only acsii characters "^\\d{6}$",//ZIP code "^ (13|15|18) [0-9]{9}$",//Mobile phone "^ (25[0-5]|2[0-4]\\d| [0-1]\\d{2}| [1-9]?\\d] \. (25[0-5]|2[0-4]\\d| [0-1]\\d{2}| [1-9]?\\d] \. (25[0-5]|2[0-4]\\d| [0-1]\\d{2}| [1-9]?\\d] \. (25[0-5]|2[0-4]\\d| [0-1]\\d{2}| [1-9]?\\d) $ ",//IP address "^\\s+$",//Non-empty "(.*)\\. (JPG|BMP|GIF|ICO|PCX|JPEG|TIF|PNG|RAW|TGA) $ ",//Picture "(.*)\\. (rar|

Dynamically generating JavaScript-generated form validation code with ASP

JavaScript method to verify, of course, if the simultaneous use of 2 ways to verify the most insurance, but (Khan ...). We are tired of the programmers:) This explains the 2 ways in which form validation is made, and the following is the concept of dynamically generating JavaScript. Why do you want to generate it dynamically? Because this kind of client authent

JavaScript cascading pull-down menu and AJAX data validation core code _javascript Tips

Although Prototype.js is also used to write, the implementation of the class is still using the method in JavaScript advanced programming because of its lack of understanding. When using AJAX for data validation, XML was used initially as a data source, but after a period of time, XML was found to be inefficient, and JSON was used as the data source. A year has passed, the customer has put forward new requ

JavaScript Regular expression validation code (recommended) _ Regular expression

of the property you want to verify! }}//Determine if the character entered is Chinese function ischinese () {var str = Document.getelemeNtbyid (' str '). Value.trim (); if (str.length!=0) {reg=/^[\u0391-\uffe5]+$/; if (!reg.test (str)) {alert ("Sorry, the string type you entered is not well-formed!"); /Please replace "string type" with the name of the property you want to verify! }//Determine if the email format entered is correct function isemail () {var str = document.getElementById (' str

Practical Code Analysis: JavaScript common form validation function

javascript| Form Validation | functions check.js js function file /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////**---------------Common validation checkform (oform) for client forms-----------------* Function: Universal validation of all form elements.Use* * * * * AUTHOR:WANGHR100 (Gr

ASP dynamically generated JavaScript form validation code

javascript| Form Validation | dynamic Online down an ASP dynamic generated form to verify JavaScript code, the expansion of their own. I have forgotten the name of the author, but I remember clearly that the code from the first to the Nineth is the author's original one. As

Javascript Form Validation instance code before submitting

Cases Add the onsubmit attribute to the form or the Add OnClick property of the Submit button, the value is return check (), the check is a JavaScript function, the validation table is single, no call, even if the validation fails will be submitted. In the check function, the validation failure returns false and retur

Verifying user-Required CheckBox controls and custom validation JavaScript code _ Practical Tips

The CheckBox control, because its value is selected and not selected. Therefore, when submitting the data, want to let the user must choose CheckBox, under normal circumstances, not to do validation. But we can use Asp:customvalidator to verify, but we have to write custom validation JavaScript code, can refer to the

JavaScript "Regular expression validation numeric code"

, -}$ the correct format is: Start with a letter, length in 6-18, only characters, numbers, and underscores can be included. Verify that you contain^%',; =?$\ "and other characters:[^%',; =?$\x22]+Verify Kanji:^[\u4e00-\u9fa5],{0,}$ Verify email address:^\w+[-+.] \w+) *@\w+ ([-.] \w+) *\.\w+ ([-.] \w+) *$ verify InternetURL:^http://([\w-]+\.) +[\w-]+ (/[\w-./?%=]*)? $; ^[a-za-z]+://(w+ (-w+) *) (. ( w+ (-w+) *) * (? s*)? $ verify Phone Number:^ (\ (\d{3,4}\) |\d{3,4}-)? \d{7,8}$:--the correct fo

JAVASCRIPT Client Validation data legality code (regular) 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Http:// JavaScript Validation Form Encyclopedia 1. Length Limit Copy Code code as follows: 2. Can only be Chinese characters 3. "Can only be English Copy

JavaScript Regular expression PHP IPV6 regular expression validation code

Copy the Code code as follows: Literally from the ABNF in rfc3986 (thanks to ' WCP ')function ValidateIPv6 ($IP){Return Preg_match ('/\a(?:(?:(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {6}::(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {5}(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4})?::(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {4}(?:(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {0,1}[a-f0-9]{1,4})?::(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {3}(?:(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {0,2}[a-f0-9]{1,4})?::(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {2}(?:(?: [a-f0-9]{1,4}:) {0,3}[a-f0-9]

JavaScript example code for form validation using regular expressions--regular expressions

JavaScript Form Validation Regular expression encyclopedia Using regular expressions to determine whether the Arabic numerals are 0-9 Copy Code code as follows: function Regisdigit (fdata) { var reg = new RegExp ("^[0-9]$"); Return (Reg.test (fdata)); } Use this expression to get the len

e-mail validation JavaScript code for regular expressions

Fuchangxi's Regular:Copy CodeThe code is as follows:/^ ([0-9a-za-z\-_\.] +) @ ([0-9a-z]+\. [A-z] {2,3} (\. [A-z] {2})?) $/g The start must be one or more word characters or--plus @, then one or more word characters or--. Then the point is "." and a combination of word characters and--can have one or more combinations.Copy CodeThe code is as follows:I don't quite understand the specific rules of the mailbo

JavaScript phone, QQ, mobile phone, ID number, email address, post regular expression validation code

JavaScript Tutorials Phone, QQ, mobile phone, ID number, email address, post regular expression validation code

JavaScript Date format Validation code

JavaScript Tutorial date format validation code Increase the pricenbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This site original article reproduced annotated from*/

Form validation code instance: Jquery.validate.js Form Validation Plug-in

Article Introduction: easy to use jquery form verification plug-in--jquery.validate.js. Jquery.validate.js is a validation plug-in for jquery, and with the advantage of jquery, we can quickly validate some of the common inputs and expand our own authentication methods. Please download the necessary jquery plugins before using: Jquery-1.4.2.min.js and Jquery.validate.min.js. The following shows how to use the Jquery.validate.js plug-in to

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