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How to Use the zlib library compress and uncompress Functions

Zlib (http://zlib.net/) provides a simple and efficient in-memory data compression and decompression series of API functions, many applications will use this library, among them, compress and uncompress functions are the most basic and commonly used.

Cause of z_buf_error in zlib's uncompress Function

Function prototype: Int uncompress (bytef * DEST, ulogfn * destlen, const bytef * Source, ulong sourcelen ); Function Description: uncompress Function will Source Extract the buffer content Dest Buffer zone. Sourcelen Yes Source The buffer

Compress uncompress Function

Address: http://lxflfr.blog.163.com/blog/static/129119579200983004539908/ Zlib is a common compression library that provides a set of In-memory compression and decompression functions, and can detect the integrity of extracted data (integrity ).

This section briefly introduces how to use the compressed library zlib in VC ++ 6.0)

1. How to obtain zlib The home page of zlib is: http://www.zlib.net/ 2. Use VC ++ 6.0 to open DownloadSource codeDecompress and open. The vc6.0 project has been created. In \ projects \ visualc6. double-click zlib. DSW, you can see in VC ++ 6.0

Zlib Study Summary

Official Handbook:Http://www.zlib.net/manual.htmlReference connection:http://blog.csdn.net/zhoudaxia/article/details/8039519http://www.oschina.net/code/snippet_65636_22542http://blog.163.com/bh_binghu/blog/static/94553512011626102054571/Please

Install zlib-under Linux for compression function

The zlib Library is a well-known compression engine, andzlib is also the compression engine used by the famous gzip (GNU Zip) .How do I install the zlib library?First, install zlib, download the latest source program from its official website,

Lzma (7-zip) and zlib

Lzma (7-zip: In the C directoryAlgorithmFile, go to the util \ lzmalib directory, compile and generate the Lib library, and export the following two functions. lzmacompress is the compression function, and lzmauncompress is the decompression

Decompressing a gzip stream with zlib

Decompressing a gzip stream with zlib Decompressing a gzip stream with zlibContents IntroductionDownloadSourceRelated Links Introduction This C ++ program reads a file named input.txt.gz into memory, then uses the zlib library to

PHP Compression and archive--zlib

Most file system functions use Gzip to compress files, and this module can help transparently read gzip compressed files. Zlib Support in PHP is not enabled by default. Use--with-zlib[=dir when you need to install the PHP configuration). The

C language uses zlib to implement gzip compression and gzip decompression of text characters

Many of the methods found on the network will lose characters when extracting the string, here is the workaround: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21186535/compressing-decompressing-char-array-using-zlib-some-characters-missing Based on

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