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Zt-Scott hanselmen tells you some secrets of Google Desktop Search WebService ??, So I don't install it anymore :)

Google Desktop Search-I knew they 'd get it right It's freaking brilliant. everyone will blog about it, and will tell you this and that. so, instead of filling your RSS reader with the same nonsense, I'll just offer my first impressions about whatIFound so clever. It sets a cookie (appears to do it in Firefox as well) that makes desktop appear as a choice when you visit Google.com. The l

Create a virtual desktop createdesktop. use MFC to implement virtual desktop (desktop switch). Use MFC to implement virtual desktop (desktop switch)

I am not quite clear about the concept of desktop. I will see the relevant information in the next day. The following is a simple test. For more details, refer to the following:Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms687107 (V = vs.85). aspx Int Apientry winmain (hinstance,Hinstance hprevinstance,Lpstr lpcmdline, Int Ncmdshow){ // Todo: Place code here. Hdesk hold = getthreaddesktop (

History of Windows ZT

testers worldwide prior to release.2012:Windows 8 has apps and tilesA computer that is running Windows 8Windows 8 Professional EditionWindows 8 is an operating system that has been reshaped from the chipset to the user experience, introducing a new interface that works smoothly with touch, mouse, and keyboard.It can be used as a tablet for the ultimate entertainment experience, or as a fully functional computer for the job. Windows 8 also made some improvements to the familiar Windows

ZT: Caching Consistency (cache coherency) Getting Started Cach coherency

cache invalidation), and some operations that have already been performed are revoked due to these events, but not "retired". This means that x86 knows what his memory model should look like, and when something happens to this model, the processor will fall back to the previous state compatible with the memory model. This is what I mentioned in a previous article, "Clearing the Memory Sequencer (ordering machine clear)." The final result is that the x86 processor provides a strong consistency g

OLDB Solution for reading Excel data type mismatch (ZT)

text in the row remains empty.Another improvement is that Imex=1 is used with registry value TypeGuessRows, and the TypeGuessRows value determines the data type determined by the ISAM driver from several previous data samples, which defaults to "8". You can change the number of sample rows by modifying the registry value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \jet\4.0\engines\excel. However, this improvement does not fundamentally solve the problem, even if we set the Imex to "1", typegues

VisualStudio (VS2017) configuration c/c++-postgresql (9.6.3) Development environment (ZT)

. method, add the "Lib" folder to the project. Add Libpq.lib. Manually enter "Libpq.lib". Complete the project configuration. Open the PostgreSQL installation directory. Copy the "Libeay32.dll", "Libiconv-2.dll", "Libintl-8.dll", "Ssleay32.dll" in the "Lib" folder to the project directory. Copy "Libpq.dll" from the "Bin" folder to the project directory. Test code Do not forget to select the project platform configuration before testing

About oracle10g The updated statement used in the Library to guide data----ZT

两种方法:--方法1.UPDATE表2SET表2.C=(SELECTBFROM表1WHERE表1.A=表2.A)WHEREEXISTS(SELECT1FROM表1WHERE表1.A=表2.A)--方法2MERGEINTO表2USING表1ON (表2.A=表1.A)--条件是A相同WHENMATCHEDTHENUPDATESET表2.C=表1.B--匹配的时候,更新About oracle10g The updated statement used in the Library to guide data----ZT

Three paradigm of database design ZT

designing an order data table, the customer number can be used as a foreign key and order table to establish the corresponding relationship. Instead of adding fields to the order form about other customer information (such as name, company, etc.). The design shown in the following two tables is a database table that satisfies the third paradigm. In this way, when the order information is queried, the customer number can be used to refer to the records in the Customer information table, and the

Microsoft's next-generation handheld Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile crossbow (zt)

ZT: http://www.cnblogs.com/aspnetx/archive/2007/01/24/628509.html Windows Vista, Microsoft's new-generation desktop operating system, was officially launched globally on September 10, November 30. What about its corresponding handheld OS? In fact, Microsoft will launch the next-generation handheld Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile crossbow to meet the new features of Vista and improve WM 5.0. Altho

How to kill the D status process? [ZT] "Turn"

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/chinalinuxzend/article/details/4288791[-] How to kill the D-state process ZT Related Posts Original sticker: http://www.xclinux.cn/?p=752How to kill the D status process? [ZT]The status is D (uninterruptible sleep), and the status is Z (Zombie) These garbage processes are either begging or not, like a disgruntled woman waiting for resources

Vi User Manual (zt)

Vi User Manual (zt)-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. Access the vi command Vi filename: open or create a file and place the cursor at the beginning of the first line Vi + n filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of line n Vi + filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of the last line Vi +/pattern filename: open the file and place the

This joke is the most lethal in history ~~~~ ZT

This joke is the most lethal in history ~~~~ ZT On that day, I had a good friend who told me a joke and turned me into a hospital because of a stomachache. The doctor asked me why I laughed like this before giving me an operation. I told him the joke. I didn't expect him to laugh, but finally I threw a lot of white foam. The rescue was ineffective and he died.    I really didn't think so, but it happened. This is often the case. What we don't want to

[ZT] opencv2.1.0 Installation

Download and install opencv 2.1.0 2. Add a library file: Open vs 2008 and select the menu: tools-> options-> projects and solutions> VC ++ directories select "library files" from the drop-down list in "show directories ". then, add the path of the following library files in the library file list: D: \ Program Files \ opencv2.1 \ Lib. Add more D: \ Program Files \ opencv2.1 \ and other files to the corresponding directory 4. Configure the Lib required by the project. Open a project/solut

S60 platform construction-ZT

ZT: http://blog.csdn.net/dong_chi/archive/2009/11/18/4831699.aspx S60 Platform Construction 2009-7 1. Determine your platform First, you need to know what your platform is? For s60 2nd or lower, you can use vc6 with SP3 or higher patches as IDE (integrated development environment), Visual Studio 2005/2003, or carbide C ++ S60 3rd only supports carbide C ++ and Visual Studio (carbide. vs must be installed) I have tried the following combination S6

Compilation of JavaScript IE and Firefox compatibility [ZT]

Compilation of Javascript IE and Firefox compatibility [zt] Internet Explorer is replaced by IE and Mozzila Firefox is replaced by MF. 1. document. form. item Problems(1) existing problems:Many statements such as document. formName. item ("itemName") exist in the existing code and cannot be run in MF.(2) solution:Use document. formName. elements ["elementName"](3) OthersSee 2 2. Collection class Object Problems(1) existing problems:In the existing Co

[ZT] How should the boss promise to core employees?

[ZT] How should the boss promise to core employees? How should the boss promise to core employees?Author: Jing suqi 10:18:11Source: blog China (blogchina.com) Source: Chinese and Foreign Management b28123cThe flow of employees is normal, but the flow is also regular.Generally, most of the employees who left the company a year ago want to quit.Most of the company's core employees quit,Most of the departure peak periods are from January 1, March to Jan

Check_http ZT of nagios plugins

NagiosUnderCheck_httpThe specific ZT parameters are important. Let's take a look .. // Display version #./Check_http-V Check_http v2053 (nagios-plugins 1.4.13) //-H -U -P (You cannot directly write a URL using-u. You must use-H when using-u. The URL with-u can be full or relative) #./check_http-Hwww.****.com Http OK http/1.1 200 OK-106540 bytes in 1.833 seconds | time = 1.833151 s; 0.000000 size = 106540B; 0 #./check_http-Hwww.*

[ZT] ROI (region of interest) regions of interest opencv

values are 0 by default, and then add them to the elements in SRC. Why does the blue channel Increase by 150 instead of the red channel? The order of RGB Images in memory is bgra .... Therefore, the first channel is actually B (blue ). In fact, this function has the fourth parameter (the default value is null). For the meaning, see the opencv document. 2. The "cvresetimageroi (SRC);" code before the image is displayed must not be less. If this line of code is not available, the subsequent dis

Ref and out usage summary [ZT]

Ref and out usage summary [ZT] 1. The out must be initialized in the function body. It does not make sense to initialize it outside. That is to say, an out-type parameter cannot obtain the initial value passed in outside the function body.2. Ref must be initialized in vitro.3. Any modification to both functions will affect the external Ref is the address for passing parameters, and out is the return value. There are some similarities between the t

Use the commons-fileupload component to upload files to the server and database (zt)

(exception e ){Out. println (E );} }Else{Throw new ioexception ("fail to upload ");}}}}Catch (ioexception e ){Out. println (E );}Catch (fileuploadexception e ){Out. println (E );}}} The following is an HTML upload page: File Upload demonstration Introduction and Comparison of smartupload and commons-fileupload (zt) Web file upload may be one of the most commonly used functions in website construction. I almost need to implement the file upload functi

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