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Block denial of Service attacks

Since last July or August, denial of service attacks have been popular on the internet, and are now on the rise a year later. In addition to the use of blocking software, is there any other way? Service overload Service overload occurs when a large

A detailed description of the SYN flood attack on a DDoS attack instance


This article mainly describes the DDoS attack instance SYN flood attack, we all know Syn-flood is currently the most widely used DDoS attack means, the earlier DOS means in the distributed phase of the development has also experienced the process of

The principle of firewall preventing DDoS SYN flood

DoS (Denial of service denial-of-service) and DDoS (distributed denial of service distributed Denial-of-service) attacks are one of the security threats to large Web sites and network servers. The attacks on Yahoo, Amazon and CNN in February 2000

The advantages and configuration method of Ack

ACK compares the 10 great advantages of grep: 1. Faster: Default only to search for its preset format (such as:. Lua. py. C. cpp, etc.). 2. Greener: As long as Perl is installed, you can download an ACK script. 3. More convenient: Recursive

Attack principle and defense method of DDoS

Dos attacks, DDoS attacks, and DrDoS attacks believe that everyone has already heard of it! DOS is the shorthand for denial of service, which is denial of services, and DDoS is the distributed denial of service is the short of distributed

Diagram TCP to establish the whole process of connection


TCP is the Transport layer protocol in the Internet, it uses three times handshake protocol to establish the connection, the following is the whole process of TCP establishing the connection. The process of TCP establishing a connection

MySQL 5.7 Enhanced Semisync Replication performance optimization

This article mainly introduced the MySQL 5.7 Enhancement edition semisync replication performance optimization, this article emphatically explained supports sends the BINLOG and accepts the ACK the Asynchrony, the support waits for the ACK before

How to enable SYN attack prevention at the Windows operating system level


SYN (synchronous) is a handshake signal that is used when TCP/IP establishes a connection. When a normal TCP network connection is established between the client and the server, the client first emits a SYN message, the server uses the Syn+ack

A ramble on the security of routers

It is often easier for hackers to exploit a router's vulnerability to launch an attack. Router attacks can waste CPU cycles, mislead information traffic, and paralyze the network. The good router itself takes on a good security mechanism to protect

Application and principle of TCP three-times handshake

TCP/IP is a large number of different protocol components, is actually a protocol group, TCP User Data reporting Protocol (also known as TCP Transmission Control Protocol, transport control Protocol. Reliable host to host layer protocol. The first

Linux Security Scan Tool NMAP usage and parameter detailed

A scanner is a program that can automatically detect the vulnerabilities of a host's security. The scanner collects all kinds of information about the target host by sending a specific network packet, recording the response message of the target

The mechanism of the firewall

What is a firewall? A firewall is a sort of filter plug (now you're not mistaken), you can make something you like go through the stopper, and everything else is filtered out. In the network world, to be filtered by the firewall is the

Analysis of grasping package in DHCP process


Through the packet analysis, DHCP four packages are broadcast packets, and the DHCP server, in order to prevent address conflicts, also emits an ARP packet before assigning to the DHCP client address, and if it is a DHCP relay, an ICMP packet is

Network security viewed by HTTP hidden Channels (2)

Security | The network carefully observes the intercepted Httptunnel packet, and finds that the first packet followed by a three-time handshake contains a post action that is sent by HTC (client side) to the HTS (server side). As follows: 14:55:39.12

How to make VIM a new integrated development environment

Let GUI all play eggs! The mouse is your enemy! Only the keyboard is your only friend! What would happen if Vim and Tmux were combined? You will have the perfect programming environment! Here are some of the secrets I've treasured over the years,

A detailed explanation of the target orientation of DDoS attack principle

We will encounter DDoS attacks when we operate on the service device. So know the principle of DDoS attack is very important, then we need to know not only the concept of DDoS attack principle, but more importantly to know the back of the DDoS

Dos attack principle and defense method

Permissions for TCP/IP protocol DOS (denial-of-service attack)-----denial of Service The principle of the attack is to use the TCP message header to do the article. The following is the TCP data segment header format. Source Port and

Processing of too Many Open files in Linux system

Today, a Linux server has been reporting the exception of too Many Open files, causing the system to fail the network request, restart the application container and return to normal. Found the server connection monitoring at that time, found that

A iptables script that is useful to IPCop

A useful iptables script for IPCop (written by a friend), do not remember which one is written, please mail ( under the Tell me: #!/bin/sh## Firewall Starting Firewall## chkconfig:2345 98 01# description:setting Firewall#################

TCP protocol parameters for Windows

Registry Editor: Regedit Table Entries: Hkey_local_machinesystemcurentcontrolsetservicestcpipparameters Window enlargement factor & timestamp options Tcp1323Opts REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1) The values of the tcp1323opts are as follows: 0-disable

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