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The eighth chapter of Flash theory course Ⅲ of slow motion and elastic movement

Back to "flash Basic Theory Class-Catalog" Spring Chain Here we will concatenate a few elastic balls together. In introducing the Ease section, we briefly discuss the concept of mouse following, meaning that one object follows the mouse, another

Discovery of unresolved plug-in dependencies in Eclipse

Trying to locate an unresolved plug-in dependency is a stressful and time-consuming task. Activating each plug-in relies on many other plug-ins, which are dependent on other plug-ins. If Eclipse cannot load a plug-in in this long chain, it may take

Introduction to Cocos2d-x (2) scene switching and special effects

On the basis of the previous section, see How to achieve the switch of the scene. Add a Scene Welcomescene #include "WelcomeScene.h" #include "GameScene.h" using namespace cocos2d; ccscene* Welcomescene::scene () {ccscene * scene = NULL;

J2ME 3D Technology Introduction

3D technology is already very familiar to us, the most commonly used 3D API has OpenGL and Microsoft Direct, in the desktop game has long been widely used. For J2ME programs, the advent of the mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR184) makes it possible to add

The localization of iOS in multiple languages

iOS program to implement a variety of language localization methods, recently to a game for multi-language localization, on the Internet to find some solutions, together with their own a little idea to organize a set of programs and share! Multiple

FLEX2 Discovery Tour: Flex2 New Live Component instance method

Create In Flex1.5, we can use the Createchild () method if we want to create a component instance in real time.For example, suppose the following code is in Myapp.mxml: Import Mx.controls.Button; var Stopbutton:button; function Someeventhandler ():

Flash as 3.0 Novice Learning to fly Tutorial: class writing does not use library components

Writing AS3.0 classes (without using library components) In the last lecture we used a movie clip that was created. And in the library to do the type of link, which has a complex graphic creation is a better choice, if you can skillfully use the

Browse a piece of code for a file

#include #pragma hdrstop#include "Unit1.h"//---------------------------------------------------------------------------#pragma package (smart_init)#pragma resource "*.DFM"TForm1 *form1;ttreenode* Currnode;int dircount,filecount,drivecount;//---------

Brief introduction to the operation method of parsing XML document under PHP4 and PHP5 versions

In the development and construction of PHP Web site, often encounter the need to parse XML documents, PHP4 version of the XML parser (sax), PHP5 version of the increase of simplexml (DOM) of XML extensions, XML parsing is very convenient, Share with

Flash AS3 Accumulation of three

Http:// Abandoned the Attachmovie after the AS3, using a similar dom-like operation. Methods such as AddChild, RemoveChild, getchildat, etc., begin to become the primary method of displaying (rendering on

iOS Development: Application Multi-language localization solution

Multiple languages typically have two approaches in an application: One, the procedure provides to the user oneself choice opportunity; Second, according to the current user mobile device language automatically switch our app to the corresponding

Make Running Horse code

var n:uint=0; var mysp:sprite=new Sprite (); mysp.y=80; AddChild (MYSP); for (var i:uint=0; i var picmc:movieclip=new Pic (); Picmc.x=i*picmc.width; Picmc.scalex=math.pow ( -1,i); Mysp.addchild (PICMC); } var pnkcy:sound=new pnyqkcy ();

The realization of snow falling and stacking effect

Source: Http:// This is the leader of the work assigned: I want to see snowflakes falling!! The effect of this, technical nothing new, the effect is beautiful or not mainly to see whether the snow caught in the

The 11th chapter of Flash Basic Theory class collision Physics Ⅱ

Back to "flash Basic Theory Class-Catalog" Writing code First, let two small balls move at a certain angle and finally collide with each other. The starting setting is the same as before, with two balls: Ball0 and Ball1. Make them bigger this time,

Cocos2d-x Getting Started (3) Picture text display

In Cocos2d-x, you typically use Cclabelttf to display text: cclabelttf* Plabel=cclabelttf::create ("This is a Label", "Arial",); Plabel->setposition (CCP (MSIZE.WIDTH/2,MSIZE.HEIGHT/2)); This->addchild (Plabel); If you want

J2ME 3D programming on mobile phone-simple to create 3D cubes (1)

Programming | Creating reference documents: JSR-184 Tools: Eclipse3.0+eclipseme Api:mobile 3D Graphics API Simulator: Sony Ericsson Analysis: In real life, what we see is a 3-dimensional system. Through the eyes, can see is a rich and colorful

Flash CS4 Mouse Switch enlarge interactive menu (figure)

This example describes how to make use of flash CS4 to create the interactive menu of mouse click Switch, mainly use trigonometric knowledge to make the wrapping menu effect, and to control the button in the menu by listening to the button event

Flex Quick starts Chinese translation (i)

Chinese Objective Adobe Flex 2.0 is a new technology that is based on a powerful, already mature Java EE platform with some powerful and fascinating features such as Flash performance, rich media and off-line capabilities, and more. Flex 2.0

Flash as 3.0 Novice Learning to fly Tutorial: Create an instance dynamically with reflection

When you create an object or instance by using the new operator, you call the constructor of a specific class directly, and when you write a program, you often need to create an instance of the class dynamically, and you can use reflection to create

Browse the table of contents with the TreeView

void __fastcall tform1::formcreate (tobject *sender){Currentdir=getcurrentdir ();Updatetreeview ();Updatelistview ();}//---------------------------------------------------------------------------void __fastcall Tform1::updatetreeview (){Ttreenode

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