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Emit learning-practical-implementing a simple AOP framework (i)

At home at the end of the week, using emit to do a very simple AOP framework as a practice after learning emit these weeks. Things out, naturally to share with you, although the framework to do a relatively rough, simple, but also has been able to

Basic knowledge that Java beginners need to Master

Suddenly think of their own more than six months ago in a Web site to do some of the Java basic questions, was holding a full of confidence to go, the results found that a lot of basic knowledge is not understood or not fully understood. Some people

Spring solves the JPA delay loading problem in the MVC layer

As part of EJB3.0, JPA is a good thing. Its simple configuration and powerful default configuration support, make it easy and free to exist between light weight and weight, if your Java EE project now chooses lightweight or heavyweight architecture,

ORA-12899: The value of column xx is too large

Hibernate when you save data to an Oracle database, you report the following error:? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26-27--28 29---30 31--32 33 34 35 36 37 38-39 40 41 42 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 5

Implementing AOP with Java dynamic Proxy

Dynamic currently, the entire development community is Aspect oriented programing, and there are a number of excellent frameworks that support AOP,--Spring, JAC, Jboss AOP, and so on. AOP seems to have become a fad. Java beginners can not help but

Apache Geronimo and Spring Frameworks, part 2nd: Building the first application


Introduction: Learn how to use the Spring Framework on Apache Geronimo to create basic, unmodified applications, the spring framework is developed under the Apache License Agreement, is a layered java™platform, Enterprise Edi tion (Java EE) and Java

Developing an enterprise-class bean component with EJB 3.0 initial experience

   Read the summaryThe final draft of the EJB 3.0 specification has been submitted to JCP, and EJB3.0 will be officially released in 2006 if not unexpectedly. This article, the first in the common draft three series of EJB 3.0, explains the basic

The advantages of learning notes-AOP

Note-taking method programming is not meant to replace the face object programming, but to improve it. AOP programmers are generally 90% using OOP to solve problems And 10% is using AOP to solve problems that OOP cannot solve. Crosscutting concerns

Spring Automatic proxy mechanism


We have been using Proxyfactorybean to explicitly create an AOP agent. But on many occasions, this approach will increase the workload of writing configuration files, and the coupling between applications and spring will increase as the proxy object

On the characteristics and thinking of hibernate programming

Programming Some weaknesses of hibernate: for example, the mapping configuration of object relationship is too much, the control is complex, transaction processing faces various compatibility problems, HQL language increases learning cost and so on.

The implementation of privilege control under AOP

Problems in OOP application development Object-oriented technology solves the problem of role partitioning in software system. With the help of object-oriented analysis, design and implementation technology, developers can transform the "noun" in

Implement AOP from advice (notifications) alone

If you're not aware of some of OOP's flaws in actual development, don't look down! If you don't understand AOP, or AOP-like ideas, take a look at AOP-related understanding. If you are a concept party, or experience party, or the herd party, please

Project income: Thinking of a atypical change (II.) on the first question


In the last chapter, we describe the problem in a simplified example, where the thoughts that were triggered at the time are recorded. 1, interface with a different implementation, as if there is such a design pattern called "strategy" mode. The

Overview Spring Framework

Spring framework-origin and development Spring is an open source application framework on the Java platform. The first version of it was written by Rod Johnson. Rod is the first to publish this framework in his expert one-on-one Java EE Design and

C # implements AOP transactions with delegate [C # | AOP | Delegate


Objective Previous C # using attribute to implement AOP transactions [C # | AOP | Attribute | ContextAttribute | Icontributeobjectsink | IMessageSink] is a way to achieve or to achieve an AOP effect, in fact, the earliest design in C # using AOP to

Implementation of dynamic class generation via emit in Java

Dynamically generating a class is very helpful for technologies such as AOP,O/R mapping. For Java, it's not a big problem, but for. NET, it's a bit of a hassle (the main problem is that the generation of code needs IL), so it's probably also the

Based on. NET's AOP implementation technology

Based on. NET's AOP implementation technology Objective In the author's "Object-oriented Application service Layer Design", the author discusses the problems that need to be considered in designing application service layer in software system and

AOP@WORK:AOP tool comparison, part 2nd-development environment

Introduction: In part 2nd of this two-part AOP tool comparison, the aspect-oriented expert Mik Kersten will focus on integrating tools with the development environment and building processes, including a point-to-point comparison of the AOP tools

Play Spring's Rod Johnson and Wheel theory

(in addition to part of the story of the surname and the detailed occurrence of the story of the specific time point, and other parts of the plot, the other content is purely fictitious, if the same, it is purely coincidental.) ) The man who knows

Implementing a transaction persistence layer using Hibernate and Spring

1. First implement an interface. ============================================================ Package Com.cqtele.tnbos;import java.util.*;p ublic interface Iuserdao {public void Insertuser (userInfo user); public Lis T Finduser (String SQL); =====

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