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PHP Caching Technology Summary

full-page static caching That is, the page is all generated HTML static page, user access to direct access to the static page, and will not go to the PHP server parsing process. This kind of way, in the CMS system is more common, for example

A summary of PHP caching technology

1, full page static cache That is, the page is all generated HTML static page, user access to direct access to the static page, and will not go to the PHP server parsing process. This way, in the CMS department It is more common in the EC, such as

PHP Program accelerated exploration of the accelerated tool software

Program then we have to focus on another area of PHP acceleration-caching tool software. This kind of software is from optimizes PHP to run the environment to speed up, do not need to change any code. We can probably refer to them as "Execution code

The trick to keep your PHP engine running at full speed

As a popular Web programming language, PHP's biggest advantage is speed. PHP4 has done very well in this area and you can hardly find a faster scripting language. But if your application load is very large, and the bandwidth is relatively small, or

Multithreaded Programming (17)

Depending on the main function of Waitabletimer, it is a bit inappropriate to put it on the topic of "Thread Synchronization", and it's time to end it. //重新看看那个 APC 回调函数的格式: procedure TimerAPCProc(  lpArgToCompletionRoutine: Pointer;

The difference between 4 acceleration and cache extensions in PHP and recommendations for selection

This article mainly introduced PHP eaccelerator, memcached, XCache, APC and so on 4 acceleration, the cache expands the difference and the choice suggestion, needs the friend may refer to under Toss the VPS friends, in the installation of a good

PHP Archive Phar Performance test

PHP since the 5.3 New Phar Archive, Phar archive concept from Java? Technology's JAR archive, which allows you to package your application with a single file containing everything you need to run your application. This file differs from a single

PHP Tips and Tricks

Skill 1. When you are looking for information about a specific PHP function, please go to http://php.net/. For example: Http://php.net/join. This will take you directly to the correct location in the online manual on a server near your geographic

APC Storage Protection Solution

According to IDC, in 2003, 75% of IT spending was spent on storage devices and storage networks. Data explosions in the Internet, E-commerce, bioinformatics, and personalized Web services have created a lot of data. The value of these data is

PHP's opcode cache APC and its installation

First talk about the implementation of the PHP program process, which explains this, just to start our optimization trip. Client (for example, browser) -"Request Get hello.php --The CGI server (for example, Apache) receives a request to find a

How to speed up PHP application

One of the biggest advantages of PHP is obviously its rapidity. In general, PHP always has enough speed to support Web content dynamic generation, many times you can not even find a faster way than it. However, when you have to deal with huge

Asp. NET compete PHP, who is the king of speed?

One of the most likely opponents of PHP in the field of web development, which has just made a historic breakthrough in the September programming language rankings, is the asp.net based on Microsoft. NET Technology. Recently, Microsoft's Joe Stagner

Linux programming to improve PHP implementation speed full raiders analysis

One of the advantages of PHP is that the speed of the general Web application, can be said to be enough. However, if the site's access is high, with narrow or other factors causing the server performance bottlenecks, you may have to think of other

PHP APC Cache configuration, use detailed

  This article introduces the introduction of the PHP APC module, parameter configuration, installation steps, use examples, because some of the content is translated from the PHP manual, there may be a lack of comprehensive place. I hope you will

Apache vs lighttpd who better?


LIGHTTPD Apache Apache or Lighttpd? LIGHTTPD (also known as lighty), the HTTP daemon for high performance requirements, with fast and low memory footprint as the design goal. The following chart shows the comparison of Apache's performance against

Violence into the explorer

The most natural thing to inject your code into a running process is to use CreateRemoteThread, today, far-threaded injection is already rampant, and the same tools for monitoring far-threaded injection and preventing far-threading injection are ,

Timing features implemented by asynchronous program invocation (APC)

A timer is a kernel object that is fired at a specific time or at regular intervals. Asynchronous program calls that combine timers allow callback functions to be executed when any timer is fired. The example code in this article shows how to

PHP Open Opcache Improve code performance

PHP Open Opcache improve code performance APC is the best performing code cache in PHP5.4 and the following versions. However, after the PHP upgrade to 5.5 and above, the APC is no longer valid. You need to use the Zend Opcache extension. The

PHP with APC implementation upload progress bar

PHP with APC implementation upload progress bar, has always thought that PHP is unable to achieve a dynamic function of the progress bar, the original or their own knowledge is not enough, see the APC extension related to some articles, the use of

PHP Tutorial: Variable life cycle in PHP programming

There are two types of data sources in PHP: 1. From the Code For variables in the code (that is, the direct amount), the variable assignment/assignment is active in the executor at compile time, and is destroyed during the request

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