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Flash makes a tutorial on refraction and full reflection of light

Tutorial This is a reflection of the refraction of light and reflection of the law of Flash animation, the effect is mainly achieved by programming, we can first look at the effect: Click here to download the source file As you can see, the entire

Oracle Numeric type functions

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ABS (x) "function" returns the absolute value of x "parameter" x, numeric Expression "returns the number" sample "Select ABS ( -100) from dual; ? 1 Sign (x) "function" returns the positive negative value "

ExtJS Learning Notes (3) _gridpanel[xml do the data source]

In this section, you will learn to use XML in addition to the Gridpanel data source with JSON One. static example 1.xml file content: 203 21 0446355453 Jimmy.Yang warner books Book master of the Game

A list of all function functions for the Lua math library

This article introduces all the functions of the LUA Math Library, this article lists all the functions of the LUA Math library, and gives a brief description of the functional function of each function, and the friends you need can refer to the

ExtJS Learning Notes (7) _ Get Gridpanel selected row details

In this section, we'll learn how to get information about the currently selected row in grid 1.xml Data Source content: 203 21 0446355453 Jimmy.Yang warner books Book master of the Game

The table joins in the SELECT statement in the simple SQL tutorial

To select data from two or more tables, we typically use table joins to implement this functionality. This section describes the concept of join (join). For this we prepared two test tables: album (album table) and track (track table). Album table:

SEO Practice (4)--seo friendly URL structure

The series of the previous two articles have almost all the ideas of SEO covered, as the beginning said, SEO is nothing but to search engine friendly, or to search engine user-friendly, there is no more. The next step will be to continue to mention

Introduction to the use of the Math.asin () of the inverse chord function in JavaScript

This method returns the inverse chord of the radian number. The Asin method returns the numeric value between 1 and 1, X-PI/2, and PI/2 radians. Returns Nan if the value of the number is outside this range. Grammar 1 Math.asin (x);

Catch Math Function exception

If we want to use a mathematical function, such as the inverse of the string function asin (x), if the value of the variable x is provided by the user or an intermediate result, then the call must be judged to be a reasonable range of values,

Flash Animation-A course for making simple pendulum

Flash Animation | tutorials Think of the original animation, really do not know how to start, so this is a beginner's tutorial for the production of simple pendulum animation, should be resolved two aspects of the problem: One, the simple pendulum

An example of SQLServer2012 mathematical function

1 absolute Value function abs (x) Cases: SQL query: ? 1 SELECT ABS ( -1), ABS (0), ABS (1) Execution results: 2 square root function sqrt (x) Cases: SQL query: ? 1 SELECT SQRT (4), SQRT (16)

Easy to do PowerPoint lesson demo sine Wave

Use PowerPoint to make courseware, because it is easy to learn and easy to make easy to become the teacher's preferred tool. What we're going to talk about today is a demonstration of the sine wave in PowerPoint. The image of sinusoidal function is

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