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MySQL announces cluster database baseline test results

Recently, open source database developers MySQL company in the 2007 MySQL conference announced the latest Mysqlclustercarrier gradeedition (Mysqlcluster telecommunications-grade version) database DBT2 benchmark results. This test was done with

Dell 7000 Notebook Evaluation

In terms of hardware, the 15 7000 series provides users with a very large choice of space, with a variety of hardware combinations, and this test is the 15 7000 series positioning high-end models, it is equipped with the fourth Daicouri i7-4500u low

How to develop SEO project plan

If you are a medium or large SEO project leader, you will need to submit an SEO project plan for the benefit assessment before the project is formally executed. If you are a freelance webmaster, then Mr.zhao also advised you to write a SEO plan

Use Unixbench in Linux to test test system performance

What is Unixbench? Unixbench is a set of UNIX system benchmark suite. Unixbench's design goal is to provide a set of basic metrics for UNIX-like systems, so there are a number of project test system performance. Each test has a score, then a

As with. NET interaction-loading XML on the Web

Recently made a chat, need to use as to load a website XML, but I as also not how to drop, go to see how to play, after reading is quite simple. As the business is more complex, just say a small example. Many times, for the page area more flexible,

9 Myths about Java performance

Java's performance has some kind of black magic claim. Part of the reason is that the Java platform is very complex and in many cases difficult to locate. Yet there is a tendency in history to study Java performance by wisdom and experience, rather

Grid design of WAP app

First introduced three nouns: Wap App; Native App; Hybrid app (fusion body, H5 page nested in native), the reason why these three, is that their mutual connection to some extent, to restrict the WAP App grid design. The grid test is detailed below.

ZT: A brief explanation of common nouns in data Warehouse

Data ZT: A brief explanation of common nouns in data Warehouse Data Warehouse in the middle of the 80 's, Mr. William H.inmon, the "Father of the warehouse", defined the concept of data warehousing in his book "Building Data Warehouses," and then

Really, why use hibernate?

You already have the JPA implementation you need Recently, I answered a few forum posts, emails, instant messages, and phone calls about using Hibernate within the Ibm®websphere®application Server environment. Because people have a strong interest

Java EE: cater to Web 2.0

Many successful enterprise applications are built using the Java EE platform. However, the principles of Java EE are not designed to effectively support WEB 2.0 applications. A deeper understanding of the disconnect between Java EE and Web 2.0

How to use Vdbench to evaluate transient storage I/O performance

Why caching is an important element in enhancing SmartCloud input/output performance To understand the transient storage performance in the SmartCloud environment, we set up a benchmark test using Vdbench. Vdbench is an I/O workload builder that

Acer Aspire P3 variants This evaluation

With the advent of Intel's hyper-polar concept, the entire notebook market began to change significantly as Microsoft Windows 8 came to market late last year. In this case, the manufacturers fully exert their own design advantages, launched a new

From Tencent QQ logo to see the product's visual design relationship

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: from the Tencent logo to see the product's visual relationship. First, Tencent logoApril 08 Tencent Network ( announced the launch of the new brand logo, green, yellow, red

ASP Performance test report (Turn) (vi)

There are many reasons for performance to avoid using the session state of IIS, but this requires another article description. The question we answer here is: does it improve performance when the page does not need session state? This is

HD Tune Pro Hard drive Detection Tool tutorial

HD tune is a foreign feature of an excellent hard drive detection tool, small and easy-to-use hard disk tool software, its main functions are hard drive transmission rate detection, health status detection, temperature detection and disk surface

Hamburg icon is not the best menu option

Editor's note: Today, our menu usually uses the burger icon to show that they are everywhere in the app, but is the burger icon really going anywhere? Today, let's go through 3 A/b tests to learn about the problems with the Hamburg icon in the

Responsive page Refactoring Response page refactoring what you learned

Article Description: about response pages As a person in the wireless department, it is not possible to understand mobile devices. And as a wireless reconfiguration, will not write a response page is not. And I, a wireless refactoring,

Using siege for Web stress testing

Although Apache has a stress test tool AB, but AB is too simple to simulate real web access, we're going to use a more powerful web stress test tool--siege (English original intent: mobbing). First, do the installation:

Seven section 2000 yuan video card comparison evaluation

Although the price in the 1000-2000 yuan price segment of the graphics products are favored by the players, however, considering the number of graphics cards in this price range, not only includes AMD, nvidia two new products R9 285, GTX 960, and

. NET Development Platform Research (IV.)

8. Microsoft's has made significant changes to active Server Page (ASP), not only making it easier for developers to create dynamic Web content, but also making it easier for them to create complex and reliable web applications,

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