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PHP Mobile Internet Development Notes (3)--operator

First, the PHP operator PHP has a rich set of operators, most of which come directly from the C language. The operators can be divided into arithmetic operators, string operators, assignment operators, bitwise operators, conditional operators,

C Operator Practice

Task1: Bits operator #include #define PRINT (int) printf (#int "=%d\n", int) int main (void) { int x,y,z; /* Priority: Bitwise operator:& > | Bitwise operators & > Logical Operators && */ x = 03; y = 02; z = 01; PRINT (x | Y & Z); 0011

Java operator Summary

The following example shows you how to use a primary data type with a specific operator. Fundamentally, it is the same example that executes over and over again, using only a different main data type. The file compiles without an error, because the

Explain the arithmetic in Ruby

Ruby supports a modern language of a rich array of operators. Most operators are actually method calls. For example, A + B is interpreted as a, + (b) The method of the object referenced by the variable is called a parameter with B as its. For each

The related concepts of PHP learning operators

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /* Operational symbol (PHP) operation symbol * * By operation symbol function is divided into: * One, arithmetic operator +-*/% + +- * Two, string operators. Connection operators * Third, assignment operator = + = = *

Basic course of C language (ii) data types, variables, and operators (14)

5. Operator The operators of Turbo C are very rich and fall into three main categories: arithmetic operators, relational operators and logical operators, bitwise operators. In addition, there are operators to accomplish special tasks. The following

Basic operation of C # 2

A Boolean Logic operations We know that variables of type bool have only two values, true and false, and mathematically 1 and 0. A lot of time to judge when a condition is set up to continue to execute, so that the conditional expression is Series (iv) (1)| tutorial Mike the old cat From: The ideal of an old cat This tutorial is written in C # and programming tutorials, what are the deficiencies please point out, or in the old cat ideal blog message. This is a brief introduction to

The bitwise operator of Java

Bitwise operators allow us to manipulate a single "bit" in the primary data type of an integer, that is, bits. The bitwise operator performs a Boolean algebra on the corresponding bits in the two arguments and eventually produces a result.Bitwise

Special operators in C + +

The previous section describes the bitwise operators in C + +, and this section continues to learn about other operators in C + +. To deepen the understanding of the various operators. Self-、--self-reduction of 1.++ This operator can be divided

PHP3 Chinese Document (cont. 5)

Chinese arithmetic operator These jobs are similar to those taught in basic schools.   Table 7-1. Arithmetic Operators (table 7-1 arithmetic operator) Example Name result $a + $b addition Sum of $a and $b.? /FONT> $a-$b

Basic course of C language (ii) data types, variables, and operators (17)

5.3 Bitwise Operators The difference between Turbo C and other advanced languages is that it fully supports bitwise operators. This is somewhat similar to the bit operation of assembly language. The bitwise operators in Turbo C are: ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

The php-5.2.0 configuration instruction in php.ini

Brief introduction This article is not a simple translation of the English version of PHP.ini, but the reference to a large number of materials, combined with their own understanding, On the basis of original php.ini, the configuration

Read the "C # Primer Classic"

C # is also regarded as halfway decent, the foundation is not very good, these days to learn a bit of the "C # Introductory Classic," is a cornerstone of the. The first three chapters have been read, today began to read the fourth chapter. §1 C #

The Java shift operator

The shift operator is oriented to an Operation object that is also a binary "bit". You can use them individually to handle integer types (one of the main types). The left shift operator (>) assigns the Operation object to the left of the operator

Bit operations in C #

Bitwise operators are operators that perform operations on data by bits. Bit operations are operations supported by many other languages, such as C, C + +, and Java, and C # is no exception to support bit operations. Note bit operations support data

annotation characters, operators, and wildcard characters

4.5.1 annotation character (Annotation)Two types of annotation characters can be used in Transact-SQL.The ANSI standard annotation character "--" is used for single-line annotations;The same as the C language of the program annotation symbol, that

C Language Basics Tutorial (iv) Pointers, structures, unions, and enumerations (14)

The Second, bit structure bit structure is a special structure that is more convenient than bitwise operators when you need to access multiple bits of a byte or word by bit. The general form of a bit structure definition is: struct the bit

Bit operators for C #

We know that any information is stored in binary form in the computer. Bitwise operators are operators that operate on data in binary order. The bit operators in the C # language are: & and | Or ^ XOR or ~ Take the Fill >> Move Right Where

Examples explain the operational symbols used in PHP in detail

Operational symbols An operator symbol can be used to handle numbers, strings, and other conditions that require comparison operations. PHP's operational symbols and C language operation symbol and very similar, for experienced program designers,

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