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. NET component programming asynchronous invocation

When it comes to asynchronous invocation, the first thought in mind is BeginInvoke (), and in some common objects we often see Invoke () and BeginInvoke (), and it is reasonable to make your component callable by the client or asynchronously. This MVC uses the unity Ioc Container

In MVC, the controller relies on the model to process the data, or it can be said to execute the business logic. We can use Dependency injection (DI) in the control layer to separate the model layer, this way to use the repository mode, in the

Asp. NET Basic AJAX Framework 2.0 self-brought client callback 2.0 has been released. 2.0 has many new features, and the client callback is one of them. The client callback allows us to invoke the server-side method without a postback, which is consistent with

Use Ajax.NET to implement no refresh page in static pages

ajax| Static | refresh | no Refresh | page I. INTRODUCTION We know that the application fact is running on the server, the user's request to be sent to the remote server, the server executes the local program after the reload page to send

Data type of Ajax.NET

ajax| Data | data type This example is done according to the data type example of Ajax.NET's author, presumably meaning that many data types can be passed as parameters to the server-side Ajax.NET method, and the same data type can be returned from

Detailed explanation of STL sort (sort)

Sort all complex sorting operations, can be easily implemented through the STL ! 0 Preface: STL, why do you have to master For programmers, data structures are a compulsory subject. From the search to the sort, from the list to the two fork tree,

How to convert an INI file to XML

xml| Conversion For the development of C/s system programmers, INI file is not unfamiliar, when the XML becomes more and more popular, how to convert the original INI file to XML becomes a tricky thing. Below I put this aspect of the code dedicated

Manipulating XmlDocument in. Net

Xml You must all understand XML, it is easy to use XML technology to store data and documents, the. NET Framework provides a convenient class for manipulating XML in its namespace System.Xml XmlDocument, it is very easy to use, XmlDocument is

Create an editable XML document (v) the TreeView control in execution

treeview|xml| Create | control | execute Execute the TreeView control in order to be more perfect, listing 4 contains the final Treevie controls for version, or C # versions two editions. To make it easier to use, I redefined the structure

PHP Small Code----read sub files or subdirectories under directory

rootpath = $rootPath;         if (Is_dir ($this->rootpath)) {            $this->rootpath = PathInfo ($this->rootpath, Pathinfo_dirname). Directory_separator. PathInfo ($this->rootpath, pathinfo_basename);             $this->opdirectory = Dir ($this->

PHP Predefined interfaces

Introduction in PHP has several predefined interfaces, but also useful     iteratoraggregate (aggregated aggregate iterator iterator) Iteratoraggregate extends traversable {Abstract public traversable getiterator (void)} This interface implements a

PHP data type

PHP supports 8 of original data types. Four scalar types: ? Boolean (Boolean) ? Integer (integral type) ? Float (floating point type, also called double) ? String (strings) Two types of composite: ? Array (arrays) ? Object (Objects) Finally,

10 of the most common errors in PHP programming

This article lists some of the more common mistakes we made in PHP programming, which are listed in 10. Error 1:foreach Loop left hanging pointer In a foreach loop, if we need to change the elements of an iteration or to improve efficiency, it's a

A simple database operation class implemented in PHP

A simple database operation class implemented in PHP Features to implement: -can set the connection character set when instantiating -Can connect to the database when instantiated -The default database can be selected when instantiated -Close

Phone List (HDOJ-1671) (Tire tree)

The positive solution is the dictionary tree, uses the link list realization one kind of data structure, constructs the way and Purple book's two fork tree almost. Because the memory of this problem is relatively tight, you need to solve the memory

PHP implementation dynamic random verification code mechanism

  Verification Code (CAPTCHA) is an abbreviation for "completely automated public Turing test to tell Computers and humans Apart" (fully automatic distinguishing between computer and human Turing tests) A public fully automated procedure for

DAM Simple cross-database components

It's characteristic: When you guarantee SQL statement compatibility, access to the database through it, without the need to change the DAL layer a bit of code, as long as you modify the configuration file, it can for you across different types of

Manipulating Excel Assistant-related code in

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: public partial class Excelhelper:idisposable { #region Fileds private string _excelobject = "Provider=microsoft." {0}. OLE DB. {1};D ata source={2}; Extended properties=\ "Excel {3}; Hdr={4};imex={5}\ ""; private

Asp. NET implementation of the protection of files in the download basic articles

Requirements for document protection downloads If we need to sell digital forms of goods on the site, such as electronic books, digital oil painting, and so on, how to prevent unauthorized users from illegally downloading your product while it is

Solution to the title and options of a ballot that cannot be circularly bound

Question: 1, unable to loop the title and options of the votingWorkaround: Add the ItemDataBound event in the repeater binding, with the option RadioButtonList binding, with source code: Default page, source page Copy CodeThe code is as

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