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One-click installation package for lamp or LNMP

There are a lot of lnmp/lamp on the web. The installation of a script, the compilation of installation parameters to modify the script, this script integrates lamp and LNMP, in any network of Red Hat or CentOS server automatically configured LNMP or best practices across platforms

Objective Eight years of perseverance but the leadership of the stubborn, eventually had to be separated from my second language has become a C #, into the Java camp. There has been a brief loss and confusion, but the technology transformation is

CentOS Common Commands Daquan

Beginners Linux System, looking at the bird Brother's Linux Private dishes Basic Learning Chapter (third edition), still in the reading stage, the feeling is the command and parameters do not remember, there are various permissions settings, the

tutorial on installing wine on Linux systems

Wine, a very popular and powerful Open-source application on the Linux platform, with it, we can run Windows apps and games perfectly on the Linux platform. WINEHQ team, recently announced a new development version of Wine1.7.29. This version

Summary of compression and decompression of common file formats under Linux

Roughly summed up the Linux under the various formats of compression package compression, decompression methods. But part of the method I did not use, also not all, I hope you help me to add, we will modify the perfect, thank you! . tar Unpack:

To specify the compilation process for the encoding property for Jikes

compiling | process Jikes is a faster-than-javac Java compiler, an open source project for IBM in some application server run, we will choose to precompile the JSP file to improve the speed of the operation, but if the project is larger, for

Linux disk and file System Management 5 compression and packaging of Linux files and file systems

The use and technology of a compressed file 1 At present our computer is measured in byte, but in fact the smallest unit of measurement in the computer is bit. We know 1byte = 8bit 2 Simply put, there will be a lot of "space" in the file, not

faq:ora-06550;pls-00553: The solution of the problem

Solve | The problem Because once the data was accidentally shut down, resulting in the database crash, after the various methods to eventually recovery the DB, but found that the original apache,php,oracle established Web server is not running,

Linux SSH Common commands

System # uname-a # View kernel/operating system/CPU information # head-n 1/etc/issue # View operating system version # cat/proc/cpuinfo # View CPU Information # hostname # View computer name # LSPCI-TV # list all PCI devices # LSUSB-TV # list

Installation configuration of Cassandra Database cluster

We are using DataStax Community Edition, the official website for the Cluster Control Center (opscenter) configuration is too brief, I tried 10 times to get it done: there should be no more detailed configuration instructions on the Internet. Here

Apache uses the Limit module to limit the number of IP connections


System version: centos6.3 Apache version: apache2.42 (compile-install) 1. Configure the Limit module #wget Installation: #tar JXVF mod_limitipconn-0.24.tar.bz2 #cd mod_limitipconn-0.24

How to limit peer-to-peer flow with netfilter/iptables

This April, saw a report that although the existing technology of a broadband company can accommodate 400 to 6 million users of the network, but at present, in the case of accommodating 450,000 users, the network has been overcrowded, often broken

Sharing of installation methods for various packages under Linux system

first, the RPM package installation method steps: 1, find the appropriate software packages, such as soft.version.rpm, download to a directory of this machine; 2, open a terminal, Su-as root user; 3, CD soft.version.rpm in the directory; 4,

On the development of PHP extension--Basic article 1th/2 page

Summary & Introduction PHP is currently widely used in a language, from the foreign Facebook, Twitter to the domestic Taobao, Tencent, Baidu and then to the internet a variety of large and medium-sized sites can see its figure. PHP's success, it

Linux Packaging Compression Command encyclopedia

. tar Unpack: Tar xvf Filename.tar Packing: Tar cvf filename.tar dirname (Note: Tar is packed, not compressed!) ——————————————— . gz Decompression 1:gunzip filename.gz Decompression 2:gzip-d filename.gz Compression: gzip FileName . tar.gz

Python Learning Notes Chapter II: Installing Python


Remember the last time I wrote Python learning notes is three months ago, during the period seen, also put down, this time to adhere to, bang, eat python. This article is mainly based on the "Concise Python Tutorial" and some of their own

Summary of MySQL backup compression and Recovery database method

Generally we use mysqldump to back up the MySQL database and upload it to other backup machines. If the database is large, it may be slow when the backup is transmitted, so we try to make the backup file smaller. When writing an automatic backup

Linux Server local and Baidu Cloud backup script small test

Local single File upload script, name uf This is done on the local test, using the Bpcs_uploader script implementation, just for simple encapsulation, automatically improve the cloud file path. Technical Highlights: Use DirName to get the directory

FTP clients in the Linux operating system

First, Introduction: Packaged in most distributions, please go to the FTP list for each major release, or you can get it on the installation disk of the distribution. Lftp is a command-line-style FTP client. Good support for Chinese. If you are in

How to use Linux compression packaging commands

Parameters: -C: Create a compressed file parameter instruction (create meaning); -x: Unlock a parameter command for a compressed file! -T: View the files inside the Tarfile! In particular, in the release of the parameters, c/x/t can only exist

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