case statement

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Display of XML--xsl style sheet

A major feature of the xml| display of XML documents is that they can be converted to documents in multiple formats. For example, from a logical structure of XML to another logical structure of the XML conversion, or to the conversion of the HTML

Swift Chinese Course (iii) Process Control

Swift uses the IF and switch to write conditional control statements and write loops with For-in,for,while and do-while. In conditional control statements and circular statements, parentheses are optional, but curly braces are required to enclose

ASP Coding Optimization

Coding | optimization ASP (Active Server Page) is an ISAPI based (Personal WEB server) &iis (internetinformation server) platform launched by Microsoft (PWS) ( INTERNETSERVICEAPI) Principle of Dynamic Web page development technology, is increasingly

Viewing the development of open source platform from WordPress

Speaking of the open platform, we should all know that is very powerful thing, according to 2011 data, the number of Facebook applications more than 550,000, these applications are installed more than 20 million times a day. But few people know that

". NET programming Pioneer C #" sixth chapter control statement (Turn)

Programming | control | Statement SIXTH Chapter CONTROL statement There is a statement that you can find in each programming language control flow statement. In this chapter, I introduce C # 's control statements, which are divided into two main

Asp. NET hands-on Tutorials (1)

First, start 1. Introduction Welcome to's immediate hands-on tutorial. Asp. NET hands-on tutorials are made up of a series of examples and support explanations designed to give developers a quick understanding of the syntax,

Getting Started: Learning ASP Dynamic Web page making common error handling

Learning | error | error handling | dynamic | Web page   ASP error Handling ASPs are so simple that many developers don't think about error handling. Error handling can make your application more reasonable. I've seen many commercial Web sites

The difference and example between char and varchar in Oracle

1. The length of char is fixed, the length of the VARCHAR2 can vary, for example, the storage string "abc", for Char (20), which means that the characters you store will occupy 20 bytes (including 17 null characters), in the database it is occupied

Use. NET reflection enhances the extensibility of the object factory

Object Objects Factory Object Factory patterns are often used to generate an object from a derived system and return it as an instance of the base class, thus obtaining the interface of the base class and masking the details of the derived class as

PHP3 Chinese Document (cont. 4)

In order to understand the switch statement in order to avoid the lengthy statement, it is very important to know how it is executed. The switch statement Stone executes on one line (in fact, it is a statement). At the beginning, no code is executed.

VBA Statement Select Case End Select

First, Select case syntax and parameter introduction Select Case testexpression [Case Expressionlist-n [Statements-n]] ... [Case Else [Elsestatements]] End Select The syntax for the Select case statement has the following sections:

> Sixth Chapter Control statement (Rainbow Translation) (from heavy particle space)

Control | Statement > Sixth Chapter control statement (Rainbow translation) Source: Body: Sixth Chapter Control Statements There is a statement that you can find in each programming language control flow

Working with conditional statements

Condition | Statement Control program execution Use conditional statements and circular statements to control the Script's process. Use conditional statements to write VBScript code for judging and repeating operations. The following conditional

MFC message Image Implementation dynamic Menu

When we refer to the implementation of a dynamic menu, our usual practice is to use the GetMenu () function to get a CMenu class pointer, and then invoke the CMenu class method AppendMenu, InsertMenu, Modifymenu, Removemenu, and so on. This paper

Globalization of 2.0 and globalization of localization

I. Accession to globalization information In my site, after creating a resource file and adding some localized data, I first started using explicit localization to set the text of the controls (for example, labels in my site) so that they could get

Introduction: Kent Beck once said, "I'm just a programmer with a more focused code."

Program | programmer | Specification 4.2 variable and constant naming conventions Array arr arrshoppinglist Boolean bln Blnispostback Byte byt Bytpixelvalue Char CHR Chrdelimiter DateTime DTM Dtmstartdate Decimal Dec decaverageheight Double

PHP coding standard for Zend Framework

[Excerpt from Zend Framework Official document] C.2. PHP file formatc.2.1. GeneralFor files that contain only PHP code, the end sign ("?>") is not allowed, and PHP itself does not need ("?>") to prevent its end from being accidentally injected

High-quality C++/C Programming Guide-4th Chapter-Expressions and Basic statements

Readers may suspect that something as simple as an if, a for, a while, a goto, or a switch should also be about programming style, is it a fuss? I really find that many programmers write expressions and basic statements in the wrong way, and I have

Lesson Five: ASP script variables, functions, procedures, and conditional statements

In the previous issue, the author briefed you on some of the basics of VBScript, one of the ASP scripting languages, and this issue will continue to explain how VBScript is scripted, and to show that VBScript has a series of examples in the process

Basic summary of C # programming

. NETFramework Introduction . NETFramework runs on top of the operating system, providing good cross-language features. . NETFramework contains two content: Common language Runtime (CLR) and class library set (FCL) MSIL Microsoft intermediate

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