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The processing method of VirtualBox installation 64-bit system error

The current system for Fedora 64-bit (in fact, 32-bit also line), want to install in the VirtualBox 64-bit Ubuntu, the results of the error: The code is as follows: This kernel requires a x86-64 cpu,but only detected a i686 CPU. This means that

Win7 error 16389 What to do if you can't create a new library

When you use the library in Win7, have you ever encountered the "Cannot create a file" new library. Library-ms ' File system error (16389) ' Situation, do not worry, this may be related permissions are limited, we first check the relevant policy

Where is the WIN8 hardware driver location

First, make sure that Automatic Updates is turned on: 1. Press the Windows key + W and type "Windows Update." And then click the or clicking Windows Update to open it. 2. Click Change settings in the left pane. Make sure that the following menu of

Windows improves performance by optimizing your hard drive

One of the best ways to improve your computer's performance is to optimize your hard drive. The features included in Windows help you optimize the various types of drives that your computer uses today. No matter what type of drive your computer is

Photoshop shortcut Key Tips

1. You can use the following shortcuts to quickly browse your image: The home scrolls to the upper-left corner of the image; The end scrolls to the lower-right corner of the image, the page up scrolls to the top of the image, the page down scrolls

Win7 Graphics hardware acceleration how to open

When we watch a movie or play a game, if the graphics card support hardware acceleration, speed and efficiency will improve a lot, recently a friend asked a small part of the said don't know Win7 graphics hardware acceleration How to open, this

Windows XP Personal Network Online firewall five steps

A firewall is a set of software or hardware that helps protect your computer from hackers and many computer viruses. Therefore, you should install a firewall before you connect your computer to the network. If you are using a Windows XP operating

Solutions for XAMPP and VMware consuming 443-Port conflicts

Today, a VMware Workstation was installed and found that XAMPP's Apache could not be started. Looking at the error log, it appears that the VMware Workstation occupies 443 ports causing the conflict. Look, the original VMware Workstation has a

How the WIN8 system sets the allowed program through the firewall

1, press the "Windows" and "X" keys on the keyboard at the same time, click "Control Panel"; 2, access to the Control Panel, click "System and Security"; 3, access to the system and security interface, click "Allow applications through Windows

Windows7 Operation Center easily set system security

Windows7 security features powerful and comprehensive, but set up more trouble, in fact, through the WINDOWS7 Operation Center can solve this problem, we can quickly carry out a variety of prompts and system settings and changes, so that the

Win7 system Trustedinstaller.exe occupy the highest how to do

Win7 system Trustedinstaller.exe occupy a high resolution. The steps are as follows: First, what is TrustedInstaller.exe? 1, first clear what the program is, is not a virus. 2, TrustedInstaller.exe is actually "Windows Module

Win7 system cancels the automatic synchronization time function

Careful netizens will be in the Win7 system under the "clever" change will be confused, many times we are in different places on the Internet show the time is there is a difference in the country is not particularly obvious, but between the domestic

Several common faults of NIC

Network card failure will lead to instability, or even break the net, for everyone to browse the Internet to bring great inconvenience, the following small series for everyone to analyze the common network card failure reasons and solutions: When

Windows8 shared file failure how to handle

Step One: Confirm that the same working group 1, the resource manager found "Computer"-"Properties"; 2, click "Change Settings"; 3, click "Change"; 4, enter the appropriate computer name/workgroup name, click "

Basic methods of user management in Linux system

User-managed configuration files User Information file:/etc/passwd Password file:/etc/shadow User group file:/etc/group User group password file:/etc/gshadow User profile: /etc/login.defs /etc/default/useradd New user information

Win7 system automatically deletes desktop shortcuts what's going on

Many Win7 system users reflect the problem, that is, the computer from the file server to create shortcuts will automatically be deleted, after the creation of their own, after a few days to restart the Win7 system, those shortcuts will

Change power Plan settings in Windows 8

Make changes to the power Plan settings under Windows 8 systems. Operation Steps: 1. In Control Panel, change the upper-right corner view to large icons, find power options, or open system and security directly under categories to find power

Win7 system time how to ensure accurate

We all know that the computer display time is affected by the CMOS battery, of course, may also be affected by similar viruses, in any case, the use of a long time, it is inevitable that the system time is not accurate. Is there any other way to

Frequently asked questions about Win 8 system Automatic Updates

What is Windows system Automatic Update? With Automatic Updates, you don't have to search for updates online, or you may be worried about missing important windows patches or device drivers on your computer. Windows Update installs them

Let Windows7 time show more accurate

Left click on the Windows 7 time bar, in the pop-up window click "Change Date and Time settings" (The following figure red box). Then, switch to the "Internet Time" tab, click "Change Settings", in the pop-up Window server column, delete the

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