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Use canvas to make simple game menus in J2ME

Menu We know MIDP's graphical user interface is divided into two categories, namely, the advanced graphical user interface and the low-level user interface. In general, the advanced graphical user interface class is easy to use, portability, but the

XP Super terminal and Embedded Development Board interaction Skills

First, Introduction HyperTerminal is a universal serial interaction software with Windows operating system, which can be configured for router switches and so on. Use a modem, a 0-demodulation cable, or an Ethernet connection, and then call this

New ThinkPad X1 Carbon evaluation

After acquiring IBM, we saw a series of consumer changes on the ThinkPad laptop, such as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The "World's lightest 14-inch ultra-extreme" has been well received since the listing, and the latest version of the 2014 has been

How to boot a Windows system with an ISO-mirrored file

For those who do not have the floppy drive installed, most will choose the virtual floppy drive, but unfortunately the virtual floppy disk capacity is too small, so there are some limitations on the function. Isoemu is an interesting software that

Using OpenGL to realize animation effect

This program simulates animation effects by constantly changing the position of the viewport, and introduces some of the necessary preparations for OpenGL drawing. First, a new "Win32 application" of the Empty project. Second, then "Glu32.lib

Tput commands used in Linux to change cursor and text properties

The Tput command initializes and operates your terminal session through the Terminfo database. By using Tput, you can change several terminal features, such as moving or changing the cursor, changing the text properties, and clearing the specific

Sqlplus Use Tips

Tips [recommend]sqlplus use Tips What are the Sql*plus system environment variables? How do I modify it? [September 18, 2002 of Heaven's water, reading 21 people] Software Environment: 1. Windows nt4.0+oracle 8.0.4 2, the Oracle installation path

10 Big Super Portable Notebook recommended

Ultra-lightweight fuselage design, long-term endurance of the notebook computer manufacturers are always the most important product types, but also the darling of the high-end market, basically each of the mainstream PC manufacturers each year have

Acer Chromebook 13 Experience

Tencent Digital Message (compiled: Chenzai) After years of painstaking, Chromebook finally ushered in the rise (at least in the school), which means that mainstream PC manufacturers and chip manufacturers also intend to participate in it, such as

Light and thin powerhouse Haier W12-n notebook PC

At first glance, the Haier W 12-n is bright silver, the fuselage is the common magnesium alloy material, the metal texture is very strong, the overall modelling is both simple and full of individuality. W12-n's fuselage uses the tilt design, more

J2ME Game code Example--Tetris (1)

Here is a simple Tetris game code I wrote, which consists of 3 classes: Lterrismidlet--midlet class lgamecanvas--Game Interface Class lgameengine--Game Logic Class Use WTK2.5.1 to run through. The specific code is as follows: //MIDlet类 import

Fiddler2 grasping bag tool using graphic tutorial

First, the software introduction: A free and powerful data packet crawling software. It obtains the program HTTP communication data through the proxy way, can use it to detect the Web page and the server interaction situation, can record all client

Which is the best new Chromebook comparison?

As a low-end Internet device, Chromebook gradually attracted the attention of users, the market share continues to expand, but also more computer makers to join this camp. However, due to emerging products, many computer manufacturers are also the

Learn oracle-environment configuration from zero (i)

I. Preparation before the start 1. Launch Oracle Start the Listening service: Oracleorahome90tnslistener Start Instance service: Oracleserviceorac 2.Oracle System User Oracle three major system users By default: System/welcome Super User: Sys/

Why do users have lower demand for laptops?

  Why is the demand level reduced? Many years ago, people's demand for notebooks is to be able to browse the web, watch video, deal with work, play games and so on, summed up nothing more than office and entertainment two projects, which is still

Java for Loop statement

The For loop is initialized before the first iteration. It then tests the condition and, at each time of repetition, carries out some form of "stepping" (stepping). The For loop forms the following:for (initial expression; Boolean expression;

Windows Recovery Console

1. The simplest use of the Recovery Console is to boot the system with the Windows installation CD-ROM (windows2000/xp/2003). Use the following steps: 1. Insert the Windows 2000 Startup disk into the floppy disk drive or insert the Windows CD-ROM

J2ME Learning Notes (vi)

Note to handle low-level transactions or screen drawing, then we have to use canvas. Usually want to write mobile phone game also need canvas to , which provides graphics processing functions for handling keyboards, pens, and games. Because the

How to define DVI in the video card

DVI's English full name is Digital Visual Interface, Chinese called "Digital Video Interface". is a kind of video interface standard, the goal of the design is to strengthen the picture quality of personal computer monitor through digital

Mac System Terminal Command Encyclopedia

Input: Sudo/applications/ can edit the hosts directly with text editing. Whether the hidden file shows a number of ways to set up, the simplest to be counted in the Mac Terminal Input command. Show/Hide

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