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Web server Configuration Full Introduction (III)

Web|web Service |web Server | Raiders MySQL is a real multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. SQL (Structured Query language) is the most popular and standardized database language in the world. MySQL is implemented as a client/server

Explain how to properly configure the PHP development environment

The PHP language needs to be configured properly before it can be developed so that our program runs perfectly. So, how do you configure the PHP development environment correctly? The article will introduce Apache, MYSQL, php download, installation

IIS 7 enables 32-bit applications

In the previous IIS7 configuration PHP We have detailed diagram of the configuration process, perhaps some friends will follow the above configuration is not successful, after the configuration is complete, run the program always reported 500

PHP Debugging Tools xdebug Installation Configuration Tutorial

Speaking of PHP code debugging, for experienced phper, through the Echo, Print_r, Var_dump function, or PHP development tools Zend Studio, EditPlus can solve most of the problems, but for the introduction of PHP to learn the children's shoes have a

PHP 5.3 for the yii PHP framework configuration php PDO MySQL failed reason

Because the project needs to use the PHP yii framework, there are colleagues configuring PHP and Yii in the YII framework, accessing the Yii component Requirements page showing the MySQL PDO has not been loaded: After checking the php.ini file,

How does the php file open?

How does the php file open? PHP full Jane hypertext Preprocessor Chinese name is a hypertext preprocessor, it and C,c++,java,perl can do some algorithmic operations, while PHP is mainly used in Web application development, PHP entry threshold is

IIS7. X configuration PHP Running Environment summary

Using IIS to run a PHP program 1. Download PHP First, Here I am downloading php5.2.14 (if it is the other high version, you may not find Php5isapi.dll, its related configuration method for the moment, regardless of whether it is recommended to

Simple analysis of iis7.5 installation configuration PHP environment

Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 are the current domestic mainstream server operating system, its build PHP environment is also a variety of, where iis+fastcgi+php+mysql installation is the simplest. iis7.5 is installed in the Win7, Win8

PHP Basic Grammar Learning for introductory tutorials

Two days ago and friends get-together, my friend put forward my blog since the main target is PHP beginners, should be appropriate to add suitable for PHP beginners article, and also saw many people on the Internet to ask how to learn PHP problem,

Simple Setup IIS configuration PHP debugging environment

The Internet Information Services (IIS) built into Windows systems have good support for ASPs, so it is convenient to debug ASP Web pages in IIS. But some friends of the Web page with PHP programming technology, by default, IIS is not support PHP,


This article is mainly in PHP ini_set and ini_get function of the use of the summary introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help youPHP in the Ini_set function is used to modify the set of PHP php.ini configuration

PHP GD library Chinese garbled generation and solution method

PHP jpgraph Installation Tutorial To verify that the PHP environment supports the Jpgraph installation method of the PHP tutorial I mentioned the validation of the GD library, for the Jpgraph Chinese users to use jpgraph when not producing Chinese

Installation configuration of Iis/apache+php+mysql under Winodws

Introduction The efficiency of PHP is obvious, this is one of the reasons I like it, and it is called a wonderful partner MySQL and Apache want to merge, cannot but marvel at its efficiency. PHP updates are also very quick, here is the latest

How to use PHP open source system to build PHP website

Recently with my PHP website development Blog PR value increase, the site traffic in the search engine this part of the volume began to grow, so that many friends want to know how to use PHP to build their own web site. We know that even as a

PHP calls Java class common configuration error

Error Do not engage in PHP development work for a long time, recently modified a original project to support the call Java class, start to Redo PHP, the first solution to the configuration problem. Don't say too much crap. On the Internet Article a

Explain how to properly configure the PHP development environment

The PHP language needs to be configured properly before it can be developed so that our program runs perfectly. So how do you configure the PHP development environment correctly? The article will introduce Apache, MYSQL, php download, installation

The best PHP Introductory tutorial recommended: 100 PHP Tutorial Highlights recommended

My PHP Blog Open Bo also nearly two years, with the support of the vast number of PHP enthusiasts, I have written nearly 100 of the original practice of the PHP tutorial, each PHP tutorial is permeated with my painstaking efforts, as the next 100

Centos 5.6 Install Nagios monitoring Platform

Recently need to monitor all the servers in the company, of course, there are many software can perform this function, such as Microsoft's scom, there is today's Nagios software, but the former is okay to say that the Windows platform products, or


Apache|mysql Author: llzqq [Article from:] OPENBSD 3.6 + APACHE + MYSQL + PHP + mod_limitipconn Llzqq Welcome to share this article, but to retain the following copyright information: The purpose of this article

Installation configuration of Iis/apache+php+mysql under Winodws

Apache|iis|mysql I have not written a lot of tutorials, and most of them are from other people's tutorials, however, the introduction here, are integrated into my summary of experience. --Introduction The efficiency of PHP is obvious, this is one

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