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Writing Portable data Access tiers

Access | Data summary: Learn how to write smart applications that transparently use different data sources, from Microsoft Access to SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS. Content of this page Introduction Using common data access methods Using basic interfa

PHP does not have database connection pool how to break? Use Nginx ngx in PHP environment

Online operation of a set of auxiliary system is used to change the open source of PHP, has not played a lot of PHP before, did not think that this thing still has many pits. Suddenly one day a user doing online activities to promote, and then in a s

Oracle 11g resident Connection Pool

Oracle introduced the database Resident connection pooling (DRCP) in 11g. Prior to this, we can use dedicated or share to link the database, dedicated way is the Oracle database default link way, not

JDBC Learning notes-JDBC performance optimization

Notes | performance | Optimizing the JDBC program's performance is determined primarily by two factors, one is the nature of the database itself, the other is the use of the database's relatively independent JDBC application interface (API). Here's h

DB2 Web Service Provider Security (2)

"Guided reading" in this article, we will explain how to enable security for the DB2 Web service Provider application, which includes enabling authentication, setting up authorization, and ensuring that messages are encrypted. We will also explain ho 2.0 Feature Matrix

ADO 2.0 Feature Matrix Bob Beauchemin DevelopMentor July 2004 Applies To: Microsoft 2.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Summary:ADO.NET 2.0 includes a new Base-class provider model, features for all providers, and Changes to System.Data.Sql

"Anatomy of the PetShop" Series III: PetShop data access Layer message processing

In the system design, in addition to security, business and other issues to give enough attention, performance is an unavoidable problem, especially a B/s structure of the software system, must fully consider the access, data flow, server load proble

Connecting to the IBM DB2 database using connection pooling

Data | The database recently saw someone summarize the use of the connection pool on the forum, but unfortunately he just summed up Oracle and SQL Server. Now, I'm adding the IBM DB2 Connection poolin

Spring Learning (i) Spring overview

Now that the spring framework is basically used in many enterprise-level projects, why is there a spring,spring? This blog post I mainly give you a brief introduction to spring. Java EE pros and cons We all know that in the spring of 2003, companie

On the necessity of the connection pool of JSP database

js| Data | database | Database connection in general, when using a web-based Web application, the traditional pattern is basically the following steps:    1. Establish a database connection in the main program (such as Servlet, Beans).    2. Perf

Jndi method for defining Oracle data sources

The method for defining a Jndi data source is as follows: Content Summary: 1. Introduction 2, the data connection pool configuration 3, does not use the connection pool the solution 4, Oracle data source configuration examples First, the genera

How to collect SQL Trace information in an Oracle process

In the process of diagnosing database system performance, the oracle| process always involves tracking inefficient SQL statements and now makes a simple summary of how to track SQL statements. Right to make a use of it. If we can modify the source c

JDBC Application advanced in servlet (v)

Now we're going to combine the Dbconnetionmanager and Dbconnectionpool classes to explain the use of connection pools in the servlet: First, a brief introduction to the lifecycle of the servlet: The Servlet API defines the servlet lifecycle as foll

JDBC Connection Oracle Database common problems and solutions

oracle| Solution | data | database | problem JBuilder several issues to be aware of when connecting Oracle 9i correctly Oracle8 above should all use the Classes12.jar file as JDBC driver; Correctly set up the enterprise Setup,

Meaning of using connection pooling

I always say this: Not all applications have to use a link pool, the general light of the connection pool will reduce efficiency, how to link, completely look at your system bottlenecks. A common l

Several common ways of accessing database with ASP

Several common ways of accessing database with ASP ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is an easy-to-use and extensible technique for adding database access to a Web page. You can use ADO to write compact and concise scripts to connect to Open database Conne

Global directory tree Implementation and custom resource development and usage on Apache Geronimo

Server-side Global directory tree What is a global directory tree JNDI (Java naming and directory Interface) is a group of applications that access the naming and directory services, through which c

Learn about the use of SMO objects in SQL2005 (-)

sql2005| objects 1. Brief Introduction:In this series, I'll demonstrate how to use the SMO (SQL Management Objects) to implement a variety of common database management tasks, such as backup, recovery, indexing, integrity checking, etc.In this articl

Monitor the internal and external conditions of the application using JMX

The Java Management API (JMX) is required to manage WebLogic servers. With this API, you can search the application server for admin beans (Mbeans) and through them you can query both configuration in

Solve the problem of tomcat dying frequently

Solve | The problem One day on the server on the Web page is not open, frequently reported the following error. 2007-3-18 1:08:26 Org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool LogfullSerious: All threads (are) currently busy, waiting. Increase MaxThreads

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