crc32 checksum

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Ghost Command Line Parameters list

Many people have heard of or used Norton Ghost This software, however, because its interface is all English, causing many domestic netizens for this headache. The following is an example of its version 7.0, which provides ghost command-line

Share the differences between the major versions of MySQL

Because the version of MySQL is more and is acquired by Oracle Company, all a lot of friends are not very clear about the difference of each version, here is a simple introduction, easy to need friend one, each version of the common command

Xdebug module Output filename Configuration description

The Xdebug performance test output file name can be configured. Default is Xdebug.profiler_output_name = cachegrind.out.%p The%p is the PID of the server and will output "cachegrind.out.1408" files. It may not be easy to test many files on a Web

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