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Yii Query Builder (Yii Lookup builder) Official guide translation

/**** query Builder translated by PHP siege Http:// preparing query Builder preparation Qu ery Builder Building Data retrieval Queries build up a search query building and data manipulation Queries to build a database operation

Getting Started with Lucene 3.6.2 (Tika)

The first thing to post is a demo of using Tika to create an index. PS: About the introduction and usage of Tika, as detailed in the below Package com.jadyer.lucene; Import; Import

A very useful and useful Resource Manager tree directory source

Primitive code from the Internet to download, after I rewrite, more powerful, more convenient to use, can have an unlimited level of directory, one-time load, you can set the tree node and leaf node color and icon, you can expand and shrink, you can

MongoDB Learning Notes (vi) MONGODB index usage and efficiency analysis

The indexes in MongoDB are similar to relational databases, all in order to improve the efficiency of query and sorting, and the principle of implementation is basically consistent. Because the key (field) in the collection can be a normal data type,

Using PHP to invoke the Lucene package for Full-text Search

Full-Text search due to the needs of the work, the need to use PHP to achieve a large number of sites in the full text search, And the most popular search engine library for Full-text search is lucene now, It is a subproject of the Apache Jakarta

Using PHP to invoke the Lucene package for Full-text Search

Because the work needs, the need to use PHP to achieve a large number of Web site full text search, and the most popular Full-text search engine library is Lucene, it is a subproject of Apache Jakarta, and provides a simple and practical API, with

Oracle 9i Index

An index is a list of keywords for several data rows that, when queried for data, can be quickly positioned through the keywords in the index to the block of data to which the record is to be accessed, greatly reducing the number of I/O to the data

Getting Started with Lucene 3.6.2 (1) First program: Hello Word

Package com.jadyer.lucene; Import; Import; Import; Import Org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; Import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; Import

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