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Install LNMP to build a highly available Web server

Disclaimer: Some of the articles in this article refer to some articles on the web, and all the code in the article is tested on the CentOS 6.2 X84 64-bit system. First, download the package wget

4 common methods of grasping network data in PHP

The name of this section is Fsockopen,curl and file_get_contents, specifically to explore some of the three ways of network data input and output of some of the summaries. There has been a lot of talk about Fsockopen, and the following starts with

Create a Picture Volume page effect with Photoshop

Create a Picture Volume page effect with Photoshop The volume page effect is one of the cosmetic effects we use in designing images. Many filters can be done, such as by the Avbros, Pagecurl, or the famous kpt. But if used you will find that these

The Curl in PHP

I believe many people in the PHP Manual of the vague curl_multi a family of functions headaches, they have fewer documents, give examples is simple so you can not learn from, I have been looking for a lot of web pages, have not seen a complete

Multi-threaded control of spider/Crawler programs (C # language)

Program | multithreading | control In the "Crawler/Spider Program Production (C # language)" article, has introduced the crawler implementation of the basic methods, it can be said that the crawler has realized the function. It's just that there is 5 (vnext) Linux deployment

Introduction 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. First, let's first clarify the following basic concepts Linux related Ubuntu Ubuntu is a free open source desktop PC operating system based on Linux that fits Intel's hyper-positioning support

PHP uses curl to simply crawl remote URLs

This article mainly introduces PHP using curl simple Crawl remote URL method, involving PHP operation Curl skills, with a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to the This example describes how PHP uses Curl to crawl remote URLs.

How to forge Referer using PHP

  When the browser sends a request to the Web server, it usually takes a referer to tell the server where I came from, and the server can get some information for processing, but this referer can be forged, look at an example below, you will

solutions that file_get_contents functions cannot use

Some host service providers put PHP allow_url_fopen option is off, just can't use file_get_contents directly to get the content of remote Web pages. That is, you can use another function curl. Here are the different ways to file_get_contents and

Parsing the file in PHP

PHP file_get_contents get the remote page content, if it is gzip encoded, the returned string is encoded after the garbled1, solve the method, find a Ungzip function to convert the next2, add a prefix to your URL, so call$content = file_get_contents

Rolling curl:php Concurrency Best Practices

In actual projects or their own small tools (such as news aggregation, commodity price monitoring, parity) in the process, usually need to get data from the 3rd party Web site or API interface, when the need to deal with 1 URL queues, in order to

How does PHP open the Curl function?

If I do a test first, we php.ini. Code The code is as follows $ch = Curl_init ();curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_url, "");curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_header, false);curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_returntransfer,

Maya to create a very sexy lady Figure Super detailed tutorial (next)

And then Maya to make a sexy, beautiful lady Chart Super detailed tutorial (ON) Unlock Length: Unlock the length of the hair curve and unlock the hair. When this option is turned on, the length of the hair is unrestricted. You can change it at your

PHP asynchronous execution method, analog multithreading

PHP itself does not have multiple threads, but it can be curved to create the same effect, such as a multiple-process approach to asynchronous invocation, limited to command mode. There is also a simpler way to use the WEB program, which is to

PHP Curl Usage Examples

This article mainly introduced the PHP curl use example, this article directly gives an example, demonstrates the direct output to the browser and does not output directly to the browser different writing, needs the friend to be possible to refer to

Parsing PHP using Curl to submit JSON format data

This article is a PHP in the use of Curl to submit JSON format data implementation method for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to copy code under the reference code as follows: $data = Array ("name" => "Hagrid", "Age" =>

Snoopy powerful PHP capture class using instance code

Download Address: Some features of Snoopy: 1 fetching content from Web pages 2 Crawl page text content (remove HTML tags) fetchtext 3 Crawl page links, form fetchlinks Fetchform 4 Support Agent Host 5 support

PHP uses Curl to get 302-after-jump address instances

This article mainly introduces PHP using curl to get 302 of the address instance after the jump, need friends can refer to the following Directly on the code: The code is as follows: /* Return a 302 address * * function curl_post_302 ($url,

PHP's Curl extension does not have access to HTTPS connections

Site payment needs to be done with Tenpay for a docking, Tenpay gives an HTTPS interface connection Put this connection into the PHP page call Curl to get the return information for this link, There is a problem finding a connection using curl to

The Curl of PHP

  When I first contacted Curl, look at the documents, and the online search of various materials, the official ( explanation is that this is a libcurl library written by Daniel, PHP supports this extension

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