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PHP Gets the program code of the region based on IP

First use PHP to obtain the IP, and then use the PHP Curl function to obtain the user's detailed area. Here's a look at the code; The code is as follows /** This function is to get the client and IP*/function GetIP

PHP 3 ways to download remote files and performance considerations

Today in doing export Excel, always test the exported Excel file, frequent download and open, very troublesome   just want to write segment code coherent   service side export excel==> Download the Excel file to the local ==> and open the operation.

One-click installation package for lamp or LNMP

There are a lot of lnmp/lamp on the web. The installation of a script, the compilation of installation parameters to modify the script, this script integrates lamp and LNMP, in any network of Red Hat or CentOS server automatically configured LNMP or 5 (vnext) Linux deployment

Introduction 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. First, let's first clarify the following basic concepts Linux related Ubuntu Ubuntu is a free open source desktop PC operating system based on Linux that fits Intel's hyper-positioning support

Security and methods for hiding Nginx version numbers

Nginx The default is to display the version number, such as: [ROOT@BKJZ ~]# curl-i http/1.1 OK server:nginx/0.8.44 Date:tue, 14:05:11 GMT Content-type:text/html content-length:8284 Last-modified:tue, 12:00:13 GMT Connection:keep-

Using PHP to implement QQ hanging machine program

QQ Hanging machine is very popular, recently saw a high man wrote such a section of PHP code to achieve QQ hanging machine, special take out to share with you. PHP Code: $QQ = "100000"; QQ number$pwd = "123456"; Password$ch = Curl_init

What are the problems with Aliyun using Linux system application configuration

How to make FTP settings under Linux How ECS Linux servers configure Web sites and bind domain names Ubuntu installation Vncserver to achieve graphical access Aliyun Docker Mirror Library Add FTP users to ECS Linux and set appropriate

Distributed data processing with Hadoop, part 1th

Although Hadoop is a core part of some large search engine data reduction capabilities, it is actually a distributed data processing framework. Search engines need to collect data, and it's a huge amount of data. As a distributed framework, Hadoop

PHP based on Curl extension to make Cross-platform Restfule interface

This article mainly introduces the PHP based on Curl extension to make Cross-platform Restfule interface information and detailed code, the need for small partners can refer to. Restfule interface Platform for application: Cross-platform

Example of PHP using Curl to store cookies

This article mainly introduces PHP using Curl to store cookies, the need for friends can refer to the followingThe code is as follows: ' admin ', ' password ' => ' 123 '); $cookie = Tempnam ('./temp ', ' Cookie '); curl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_url, $

PHP Analog QQ Login

' ', ' q_from ' => ') ', ' logintitle ' => ' login ', ' bid ' => ' 0 ', ' QQ ' => $qqno, ' pwd ' => $qqpw, ' Logintype ' => ' 1 ', ' loginsubmit ' => ' login ',); $curl = Curl_init ('

Brief summary of communication methods between PHP program and server side

Suppose there are 10 sites, distributed around them, with their inventory synchronized, and the database does not support remote connections. We have to get the inventory of the server in real time, there are many ways to do it, and I know the

PHP asynchronous execution method, analog multithreading

PHP itself does not have multiple threads, but it can be curved to create the same effect, such as a multiple-process approach to asynchronous invocation, limited to command mode. There is also a simpler way to use the WEB program, which is to

PHP uses curl to appear expect:100-continue solution

This article mainly introduced the PHP use Curl appears expect:100-continue solution, the example analyzes the expect:100-continue appearance principle and the solution method, has certain reference value, the need friend may refer to under The

PEAR: Common Modules

In the previous article, we introduced the concept of pear, coding rules, simple use method, you may have a preliminary understanding of it. This time, we'll introduce the functionality and usage of some of the modules in the existing Pear

Getting Started with curl in PHP

This article mainly introduces PHP to use Curl Introductory tutorial, this article explained Curl overview, installation curl, PHP use curl steps, a simple curl code instance and so on, need friends can refer to the following Overview In my last

The Curl of PHP

  When I first contacted Curl, look at the documents, and the online search of various materials, the official ( explanation is that this is a libcurl library written by Daniel, PHP supports this extension

PHP Curl Login QQ After obtaining user information certificate error

This article mainly introduces the PHP Curl landing QQ After the user information to obtain the certificate error, the need for friends can refer to the Tonight open Ecmall Mall QQ login function, in the callback error, file_get_contents function

PHP Asynchronous Invocation method

PHP Asynchronous Invocation method The client and server are connected through the HTTP protocol, the client initiates the request, the server side receives the request, executes the processing, and returns the processing result. Sometimes the

PHP Curl fake IP address and header information Code instance

This article mainly introduces the PHP curl fake IP address and header information code example, this article gives the server and client implementation code, to provide forgery and server-side detection code, need friends can refer to the Although

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