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Discussion on the problem of curl opening in PHP

  Sina provided in the PHP SDK needs to use the Curl_init () function, in the debugging time to find the Curl_init (), the following for you to open the curl steps Today in doing a Sina login function, Sina provides the PHP SDK needs to use the

PHP 5.4 Official edition important new features

PHP has been in the field of web development is very important and fast and convenient development of language, by the vast number of developers of all ages. Now that the official version of PHP 5.4 has been released, which has added a lot of new

Zabbix installation deployment under CentOS 6.3

Recently studied the next group to talk about the comparison of fire a foreign open source network monitoring system Zabbix, played after the deep by his interface concise, background configuration of logical classification clear, easy to configure

PHP leverages func

Occasionally on the Internet to see the problem of the pseudo-overload of PHP, a bit interested in the study. The following author will talk about how PHP uses Func_get_arg,func_get_args,func_num_args to implement pseudo overload problems with

PHP to determine whether remote pictures exist in several ways

This article mainly introduced the PHP to judge whether the remote pictures exist several methods, the need for friends can refer to the In doing a picture preview of the things, encountered a problem, is to determine whether the remote file exists

Using Curl in PHP

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: $ch = Curl_init (); $c _url = ' '; $c _url_data = "product_&type=". $type. ""; curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_url, $c _url); curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_post, 1); curl_setopt ($ch,

A detailed tutorial on building a PHP development environment based on Docker

This article mainly introduces the construction based on the Docker PHP development Environment Detailed tutorial, Docker is the current virtual machine technology best choice, needs the friend may refer to under Now many developers use vagrant to

Implementation of PHP planning tasks

Recently, because the project needs to do some processing on the remote database regularly, there is a need to do a planning task. After efforts to finally use PHP to achieve this planning task, the following share the implementation process. This

PHP function to verify that the URL is legitimate

There are two kinds of authentication URL is the use of regular expressions to verify that the URL is not the appropriate URL rules, the other is to use the function to access the specified URL to see whether the normal access, if the normal access

PHP Curl Check whether the Web page is included in Baidu

'. $arr [' query ']. ' ') {return 1; }else{return 0; } Echo Checkbaidu (''); ?> The other is the most painful way to do the same as pictured The Preg_match function can be used to detect whether there is "sorry,

An easy way to parse curl submit Get,post,cookie

This article is a curl submitted Get,post,cookie simple method for detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for a friend reference copy code code as follows: $get _data = Array ( "Get1" => "Get1", "Get2" => "Get2", "Get3" => "Get3" );

Installing and using Linux CURL

--Get installation packages, download directly from the Internet or other channels, direct wget here # wget --Extract to current directory # TAR-ZXF Curl-7.17.1.tar.gz --Into the unpacked directory

PHP uses Curl to send JSON-formatted data instances

This article mainly introduces PHP using Curl to send JSON format data examples, we refer to the use of theThe code is as follows: $urlcon = ' http://localhost/******.php '; $data = ' {button ': [{' Type ': ' Click ', ' name ': ' Today's song ', '

PS to make a volume page effect

The volume page effect is one of the cosmetic effects we use in designing images. Many filters can be done, such as by AV Bros. The company produced Page Curl, or the famous kpt and so on. But if used you will find that these filters to make the

Parse php multithreading download remote multiple files

The code is as follows: function Remote ($urls, $name = ', $path = ', $dir = './images/') { if (!is_array ($urls) or count ($urls) = = 0) { return false; } Dmkdir ($dir); $curl = $text = Array (); foreach ($urls as $k => $v) { if

PHP single-threaded Implementation of parallel crawl Web page

This PHP tutorial will simulate the process of crawling multiple page information in parallel, and the key lies in the parallel processing of single thread. Under normal circumstances, we write to crawl multiple page information program are adopted

PHP Implementation 301 Steering Code

301 Steering Definition301 Turn (or call 301 Redirect, 301 jump) is one of the status codes in the header information (header) in the HTTP data stream returned by the server when the user or search engine sends a browse request to the Web server,

The revelation of the IBM SmartCloud Entry Web Services security mechanism

Environmental preparedness A running IBM smartcloud Entry system Eclipse 3.6 or later The security mechanism of Web Service based on Restlet Before you start Before you start, make a basic interpretation of some of the nouns that will be used

PHP Collection Class Snoopy.class.php Introduction and download

Snoopy is a very powerful PHP class that can be used to simulate a browser to get the Web content and send a form to the task. The following is a detailed description of the characteristics of Snoopy.class.php and some common uses. Official website:

3 ways to implement a PHP multithreaded asynchronous request

  Implementation of PHP multithreaded asynchronous request method There are many, in this article to organize a few 3 kinds of common methods, you can refer to the following Read many versions of the PHP asynchronous request method, here a brief

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