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DB2 Multi-Partition Management summary

DB2 's multiple partitioning management is often a bit challenging, but many times the differences between multiple and single partitioning are not very large, as summarized below are common operations management commands: Start the database node

DB2 user-defined functions to achieve multiple language sorting

When you store multilingual data in a DB2 UDB database, Unicode is often the only encoding that adapts to the entire range of data. DB2 can store and process Unicode data, but its sorting function is limited to binary ordering and three cultural

DB2 V9 Automatic Maintenance, part 2nd: Enable automatic backup function

Enable automatic backup feature The database may become unusable due to a large number of hardware or software failures. Automatic database backup reduces DBA database backup management tasks, and it always ensures that the database performs the

Methods of DB2 data replication and migration

The following methods have been tested, in the environment IBM X346,3.2gx2,4g,raid 1,DB2 v8.2.4,win2000 ADV Server,dms tablespace, the data load speed is around 601 million/min. Background: You need to change the database table space, or you need

DB2 Transfer (migrate) from AIX server to Linux

First of all, the general situation is that the current production environment (AIX server) has a database product, now want to migrate to the local test environment, because the local server is only Linux server, so you can not directly use Backup

To create a database using batch processing in DB2

On Linux operating systems, each instance must correspond to a Linux user, so the conversion of 2 instances can be simple by converting the user Implementation, using the SU command. Scripting: Create_table.bat DB2 Drop DB Express2 Set

General process of DB2 general upgrade method

Download Revision Packs DB2 does not require a different level of revision packages to be installed individually, and the level-high Revision pack contains all the code in the lower-level revision package, so you can pick the most current-level

I'll teach you to patch DB2.

First, stop all the instances. $db 2list results are db2inst1 and db2inst2. Stop the two of them. Install Fixpak Upgrade instance $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DB2IUPDT Upgrading Das Instances $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DASUPDT Restart Instance Bind Updated

DB2 Instructions guide for operating on machine

1. Startup instance (DB2INST1): Db2start 2. Stop instance (DB2INST1): Db2stop 3. List all instances (DB2INST1) Db2ilist 5. List the current instance: DB2 Get Instance 4. View the sample configuration file: DB2 Get DBM Cfg|more 5. Update

How to improve the performance of the import command in DB2

When data is imported using the Import command provided by DB2, all constraints are validated, all loaded rows are logged, and triggers are activated, so the import utility performs significantly less well than the DB2 load utility when loading

32 Classic Tips for using the DB2 database

In browsing the forum posts, found that many students suffer from not having some "tips", so have to put down the work to check the data, the results found out, just the idea of a meaningful and no. Now sort out some tips to help people in need. Let'

Summary of tips on using IBM DB2 database

1. View the Local node directory Command Window ENTER: DB2 list node Directory 2. Cataloging a TCP/IP node Command window: DB2 catalog TCPIP node remote server OSType 3. Cancel the node catalog DB2 uncatalog Node 4. View the System database

IBM DB2 data replication and Migration methods

The following methods have been tested, in the environment IBM X346,3.2gx2,4g,raid 1,DB2 v8.2.4,win2000 ADV Server,dms tablespace, the data load speed is around 601 million/min. Background: You need to change the database table space, or you need

Detailed steps for cross-platform migration of application systems based on DB2 and PHP (II.)

5. Working with a self-added field in a database table For a table with a self added field that needs to be loaded, that is, the value of the IXF data file in the table, you can add the following parameter to the load command to control the value

Using WebSphere Studio V5.1.1 to develop JSF applications: part 3rd

This series is made up of 5 parts, and in part 2nd we created a Java Server Faces form using the Rapid application development (RAPID application Development,rad) JSF component. In part 3rd, we'll see how JSF can access data using Web data Object

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