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The responsibilities of the database administrator include what

I. GENERAL monitoring 1. Monitor the database warning log. Alert.log, do backup and delete regularly. 2. Linstener.log's monitoring,/network/admin/linstener.ora. 3. Redo Log State Monitoring, paying attention to the view v$log,v$logfile, which

Linux Oracle Installation Configuration treasure

Oracle installation includes both the Enterprise server and the client side, and users can choose different parts of the installation according to the actual situation. here on the enterprise server side as the main introduction object, the client'

Complete manual for daily maintenance of Oracle DBA database

During the Oracle database operation, the DBA should monitor the database's running log and table space usage, and discover the problems in the database as early as possible. Oracle Warning log file monitoring Oracle will log some of the database

Oracle Memory Architecture Detailed (v) Oracle PGA

The PGA (Program Global region area) is a memory area that contains data and control information for a service process. It is created by Oracle at the start of a service process and is unshared. An Oracle process has a PGA memory area. A PGA can

How to open asynchronous IO on HP's host

Asynchronous First, talk about asynchronous IO (Aio) In HP-UX, when synchronous IO is used, this means that the previous IO must return the "successful write" information before the next write Io, and see a performance bottleneck in the synchronous

Data movement in DB2-loading

Load (load) The load command format is similar to the import, the command keyword is load, but the following arguments are much more than the import command, and the detailed usage can refer to the DB2 documentation. Loading is similar to

Send an email using the JMail component instead of SQL Mail

Jmail|jmail components Say two words: In one's most difficult time, write down this article, send to So-and-so to cheat point fee, the result is ignored, a few years later, churning hard drive to turn out. Oh, may be helpful to users who want to

An overview of Oracle Rman architecture

A Server Management Recovery Recovery Manager, Recovery Manager, Jianchen RMAN. The RMAN implementation has been server Management recovery (Managed RECOVERY:SMR). SMR is the ability of a database to perform the operations needed to ensure the

MySQL DBA system Learning (7) binary log Three: related system variables


1,binlog_cache_size and Max_binlog_cache_size Represents the cache allocated for each session In general, when inserting or modifying the data, the disk will not be written immediately, and the cache size is binlog_cache_size to control. Mysql>

Management of Oracle 9i roles

Oracle 9i Predefined roles Table 8.2 Oracle 9i Predefined roles Role name Description CONNECT Database connection role, used to connect to a database, with the right to create clusters, database links, sequences,

Oracle users, permissions, role management

Oracle Database users manage Oracle permissions settings I. Classification of authority: System permissions: The system requires users to use the database permissions. (System permissions are for users). Entity permissions: The access rights of a

Install Oracle Release 3 under Turbolinux 7.0

Oracle Author: Shiley Time: 2002-5-20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System configuration: CPU: ram:256m Objective: To install the Oracle Release 3 Enterprise version database server under

Common methods for viewing SQL execution plans


Whether you are developing a DBA or maintaining a DBA, you are always more or less encountering SQL execution efficiencies or SQL tuning issues, and it is necessary to view the execution plan. Generally we can view in 3 ways: First, explain plan

Script to configure Oracle 10g RAC

#用户设置 GROUPADD-G 1000 Oinstall GROUPADD-G 1100 dba Useradd-u 1001-g oinstall-g dba Oracle Mkdir-p/oracle Chown-r oracle:oinstall/oracle Chmod-r 755/oracle Mkdir-p/kk #修改环境变量配置 Export Oracle_base=/oracle Export Oracle_home= $ORACLE

Oracle Certification OCP DBA Research easy to pass the detailed

Finally put OCP DBA's course all finished, tired Ah! Overall Oracle certification is worth the test. I have CCNP, MCSE certificate, but through the DBA examination, feel not only deepened the understanding of modern databases, but also enrich the

MySQL stored programs, functions, and issues related to replication


1.MySQL 5.1 stored programs and functions work on replication? Yes, the standard behavior performed in stored programs and functions is copied from the primary MySQL server to the from server. 2. Can the stored programs and functions created on

Classic Oracle Book Recommendation

Oracle Recommend some classic Oracle books to everyone: Http://www.eygle.com/index-book.htm Oracle8i Internal Services by Steve Adams The classic of Steve Adams ... An in-depth discussion of Oracle's internal mechanisms and principles is an in-

Beyond SOA: A new Enterprise application framework for dynamic business Applications (2)


Part Two: The practice of Dynamic Business application construction--The story of two adaptive systems Productivity improvement is the basic component of the improvement of living standard. The experience of the United States shows that the strong

[DBA notes] IMP-00093 Error Resolution

Error | Address Today field staff report in imp a DMP file times exceeds the maximum number of cursors for errors, ora-01000:maximum open cursors exceeded. Asked about the basic situation, on the Metalink check, IMP did not mention any of the ORA-010

Performance optimization for back-end systems (II.)

Today, what kind of code is bad code, how to find out these bad code. Quite a few apes in spit-rotten code. But what we're talking about today is not bad code, it just needs to change a little bit, get rid of its bad, he's still good code. And bad

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