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Server response type of HTTP contenttype encyclopedia

Server | Response ContentType property specifies the HTTP content type of the server response. If ContentType is not specified, the default is text/html. Use it in asp: ". *" = "Application/octet-stream" ". 001" = "application/x-001" "." =

How to troubleshoot Outlook Express cannot receive and transfer

Outlook Express is an e-mail message from Microsoft (Microsoft), referred to as OE, an e-mail client produced by Microsoft and a Usenet client based on the NNTP protocol. But when used, it's often inexplicable. Unable to send and receive mail, the

ContentType type Encyclopedia of Web files

The ContentType property specifies the HTTP content type of the server response. If contenttype is not specified, the default is text/html. Use it in asp: ". *" = "Application/octet-stream"". 001" = "application/x-001""." = "application/x-301"". 32

What about Outlook Express message loss


Office as a common Office software, contains components are commonly used, such as Outlook Express, then you know the reason for the loss of Outlook Express messages, the following small series to explain the reasons for the loss of Outlook Express

Custom Component UITypeEditor

Using System; Using System.ComponentModel; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Drawing.Design; Using System.Windows.Forms; Using System.Windows.Forms.Design; namespace Mylib {//This uitypeeditor can is associated with Int32, Double and

DELPHI DATASNAP 2010 Introductory operation (1) Why use DATASNAP 2010

Online about the new version of the DATASNAP information is not too much, I can find a comprehensive, that is, our QQ group (Datasnap[delphi] Three: 67803772) inside the two experts wrote the analysis of the article, and has been transferred to my

What do you need to be aware of when Win7 system backups?

Important documents, personal data, ie favorites, Foxmailoutlook Express Letters, Address Book information, OICQ and ICQ chat records. In peacetime use the computer time as far as possible to develop the data area and the system area carries on the

Delphi 2007 for the Win32/delphi for PHP, the speed is really very fast!

In the use of Delphi for PHP is also reminiscent of the former Delphi 7 of the time, this is of course because Delphi for PHP is the use of Delphi 7 developed, in a long time did not use the pure primary integration of the development environment,

How to use alias and script to turn DBX commands into other commands of their own habit

Many users just contact ZOS USS DBX, very not accustomed to its command, and Linux gdb is quite different, so feel bad. This article focuses on using the alias command to change the DBX command to its customary name, and then write these alias

Use header definition as file and then ReadFile download

  Sometimes in order to hide the real download address, we defined the header as a file and then readfile the download, but this will increase the burden on the server, generally do not recommend download a large number of files The code is as

Debugging scripts will help you to use the debugger more efficiently

When we debug a more complex problem, it is difficult to locate the problem, you need to try to set breakpoints, multiple continue, view variable values, and so on, sometimes need to set some special debugging variables and so on. This process often

Using objectdbx technology in C # never open a graphic to get information about a tile

Object| Graphics never open a graphic to get information about a tile? The answer is yes. Here is a description of the implementation of the specific method. Requirements: n is programmed with C # N Read what I wrote "Two development of AutoCAD

What backup work to do before XP system reload

What backup work to do before XP system reload First, backup hard disk data Hard disk data include the main boot sector, operating system boot sector, Fat table, dir table, etc., which is the basis for the normal start-up of computer systems, so

Battle of Kings: Outlook vs. Windows Mail

Windows Mail is fundamentally a new application. Although it is easy for people to understand the successor of Outlook Express, even though it is to retain some appearance, but the things that are almost completely different. Microsoft has converted

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