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How to optimize JS: JS optimization

Optimization of Download size: One: Compression tool compression ESC-1.14 E:\esc-1.14>cscript esc.wsf-l 4-ow E:\js\src.js E:\js\new.js -L Leval level [0-4] 0 Merge multiple js, 1 go to comment 2 go to space 3 Remove line 4 simplify variable naming

How to Optimize JS

Optimization of Download size: One: Compression tool compression ESC-1.14 E:esc-1.14>cscript esc.wsf-l 4-ow e:jssrc.js e:jsnew.js -L Leval level [0-4] 0 Merge multiple js, 1 go to comment 2 go

C Language Learning tutorial sixth chapter-pointers (2)

2. Operation of pointer variable (1) Assignment operation The assignment operation of a pointer variable has the following several forms:① pointer variable initialization assignment, as described earlier. ② assigns the address of a variable to a p

The difference between Nil, NULL, Nil, and Nsnull in iOS

1.nil >defines the ID of a null instance. Defines an instance that is empty, pointing to an empty pointer to an object in OC. > Sample code: NSString *somestring = nil; Nsurl *someurl = nil

C Language Learning course seventh chapter-Structure and Union (5)

topoic= Dynamic Storage Allocation In the array chapter, it was introduced that the length of several groups was predefined and fixed throughout the program. Dynamic array types are not allowed in C language. For example: int n;scanf ("%d", &n);

iOS Nil, Nil, NULL, Nsnull detailed

This article mainly introduces the iOS in Nil, Nil, NULL, Nsnull detailed information, the need for friends can refer to the OBJC inside a few empty value symbols will almost kill me, these basic thi

C Language Learning course seventh chapter-Structure and Union (7)

[Example 7.14] set up the list above, delete the node, insert the function of the node together, build a function to output all the nodes, and then call them with the main function.#define NULL 0#define TYPE struct STU#define LEN sizeof (struct stu)s

On the method of recursive construction of binary tree in subsequent sequence

One of the easiest ways to do this is to reverse input and then use the "root right left" sequence to build two-prong trees. *********************************/ /**//**********gamesduan*********/ /**//**********bitreeinlast*********/ #include <std

Routing simulation--the declaration part of class design

Design one, global name space All the global variables and functions in the routing simulation system are implemented in a name space. Name space: Netsource Name Space variables: #define NULL 0 Network Device Type Table Enum Netelementtype{fiber=1,

How to determine whether a linked list has a loop

1, the link is to determine whether there is a loop? (1) Loop definition: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 | | ----8 As in the case above, it means that there is a loop. (2) solve the idea: Description: Use the speed pointer, the slow pointer each time only befo

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