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RedHat 5.3 configuration yum: Update software from CentOS 5 source and CD source

Yum, as the name suggests, yellow Dog Updater, Modified. Yum has done the same work for RPM systems. It provides a simple command to automate the installation or updating of a software package, similar to the Apt-get tool under Debian, after installi

What are the shortcut keys for the Win8 end program?

The specific steps are as follows: 1, open the computer, at the same time open the computer more than one software, and simultaneously hold down the Ctrl+alt+delete key. 2, while holding down

Photoshop to synthesize a painting of the ancient Chinese wind and rhyme spring

Effect Chart: The material required Step 1 files new settings are as follows Step 2 Select the radial gradient in the Gradient property bar, and the

Simple steps for how to reload an XP system

The steps to do the system manually can also be set back, but relatively complex, the easiest way is to redo the system. Can download the ghost system disk directly to the website Point I download:

How to make an art image frame

Usually art pictures need a beautiful frame to foil, to get a harmonious elegant beauty. Here we will introduce a method of making art frame. 1. Open an art photo, as shown in the first image above. Press CTRL + A to select the entire picture, and t

How to insert an external audio file in a ppt slide

How to insert an external audio file in a ppt slide 1. Open the presentation and select the slides you want to insert audio into. On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, in the Media group, click the Down T

Win7 System the Word document Blank page How can not delete how to solve

Win7 System the Word document Blank page How can not delete how to solve Method One: Press DELETE When you encounter a blank page in Word, the first thing you should try is the delete key, which,

Use Fireworks MX glass filter to make water mark text

Filter Photoshop players should all be familiar with the effect of the water mark text, but in fireworks need different methods to achieve. The assistant's hero is still the eye Candy 4000 filter. Let's look at the effect first: First find a picture

jquery disables the right key, text selection function, replication key implementation

The code is as follows: Disable right key, text selection, copy key $ (document). Bind ("ContextMenu", function () {return false;}); $ (document). Bind ("Selectstart", function () {return false;});

Photoshop pens to draw lovely flowers

Photoshop pen draws lovely flowers, tutorial mainly exercises the use of Pen tool. First look at the final effect: Create a new document, set the background color to black, then create a

Tencent Mac screenshot software snip use tutorial

how to share snip screenshots by email? In snip "preferences" in the binding of your QQ mailbox account, screenshots selected area after the click on the share icon , you can jump to the letter page

PS Synthetic personality Photo characters

PS Synthetic personality Photo characters Final effect 1, open the character material, first double-click the layer with the mouse to unlock, with a quick selection tool with a plus sign to

What is the delete key in the MAC OS x System 5 ways to delete a key using delete

What is the delete deletion key in the Mac OS x system? Small series after sorting found, delete key function of a total of 5, basically are deleted. The next small series will give you a detailed des

Photoshop CS to make calligraphy and rubbing word effect

There are many ancient calligraphy masters of the copybook are rubbing out, with Photoshop, we can make their own rubbing calligraphy. And then write down his name, Haha, also become a calligrapher! (Final effect) 1. Select the "File" "new" command

Photoshop animation effect of autumn GIF

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make autumn erotic font animation, the main use of the PS mask to do animation, like friends let us learn together. Look at the effect chart first.

SketchUp drawing software How to draw 3D small house?

Through a half-day study found that SketchUp really is a very good software, easy to use, a learning will be. For non-professional designers who don't use 3D drawing tools, SketchUp is a good choice i

C # Network application programming basic exercises and Answers (eight)

Programming | network   1. Use the method of keeping a connection to write a program that calculates the average grade of each year and displays the results. Troubleshooting Using System;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.ComponentModel;Us

PS use of filters to make simple ink words

Source: Station Cool Author: julien_z The previous tutorial introduced the use of brushes to make ink words, the operation of a little cumbersome, but very real. The use of filters to make relatively much faster, but the level of sense is not pure m

PS teaches everyone to make a simple gorgeous wings

First up Effect chart: The procedure is as follows: 1. Create a new document with a black background, draw a shape with a pen and fill it with white, as follows: 2. Grid sha

Monitor user input across browsers

  In the front-end development, we often face the need to count in input[type=text] or textarea The number of words entered by the user in order to give users a hint of input restrictions, how do we implement cross-browser listener user input

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