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18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application Development (II.) (3) Configure the SQL link driver default settings method The SQL link driver default setting is the parameter settings in the drivers page of the BDE Configuration tool, which are used in creating a new alias. An alias is a set of parameters

ASP method to prevent session loss

Perhaps a lot of ASP developers will encounter the situation: during the session (sessions) for no reason lost Sessio N. In other words, if you lose SessionID, the same session-level variables will be lost. Many sessions are missing because of the

The phenomenon and resolution of common errors in database calls in ASP

The following is the virtual machine maintenance, often encountered in some ASP programs in the database call errors, are collected and sorted as follows: Unable to open registry key (8007000e) Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ' 800

Error handling for ASP

Error | Error handling simple INTRODUCTION ASPs are so simple that many developers don't think about error handling. Error handling can make your application more reasonable. I've seen many commercial Web sites written in ASP, most of them ignoring

The source of explicit program anomaly ASP error handling summary

ASP is very simple, so many of the DevelopmentPeople don't think about error handling. Error handling can make your application more reasonable. I've seen a lot of business written in ASP. website, most of them ignore error handling. Type of error

RDO Object Model

A remote Data object provides a series of objects to meet the special requirements of remote database access. On top of the ODBC API and Driver Manager, RDO implements a thin layer of code to connect, create result sets and cursors, and perform

Installation configuration server failed to resolve

Installing SQL Server 2000 has the following error message: Setup file configuration server failed When you want to reload SQL Server, and the "You have installed an instance on your machine" prompt, you can remove the Program Files\Microsoft SQL

Some database-related errors and causes in ASP

Error | data | database ADODB. Recordset error ' 800a0bb9 ' The variable or type is incorrect, or is not within the acceptable range, or conflicts with other data. Possible causes of error: 1. This error is more than the same statement at present:

Several general processing methods of ASP errors

Simple Introduction to Errors ASP is so simple that many developers don't think about error handling, and handling errors correctly can make your application more reasonable. I've seen many commercial Web sites written in ASP, most of them ignoring

How to access SQL Server in Active Server Page

active|server| access to SQL Server Applicable to Profile This article describes how to use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to establish a connection to SQL Server in an ASP script, while leveraging the connection pooling capabilities of ODBC

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (ii) (3)

3. System operation and Maintenance An application system performance, the level of efficiency should always be the user to make judgments, applications in the running process, users will put forward a number of new requirements and suggestions,

Connection configuration for Da Meng database

Database access is a very important part of database application system. As a common database management system, the Da Meng database provides a variety of database access interfaces, including ODBC, JDBC, API, OLE DB, and embedded methods. This

How to deal with the error handling of ASP

Beginner | mistakes | error Handling | tips ASPs are so simple that many developers don't think about error handling. Error handling can make your application more reasonable. I've seen many commercial Web sites written in ASP, most of them ignoring

Troubleshoot problems with ASP's inability to connect to Oracle 9i databases

Today, an Win2K server server, installed in the native Oracle9i database via ASP, found an error and could not connect to the database at all. The error description is as follows: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ' 80004005

Hibernate from Getting started to mastering (i) Introduction to JDBC

Before we get to know hibernate, let's review the traditional JDBC access to the database. The focus is on analyzing the flaws in JDBC access, how are these flaws thought and resolved in hibernate? JDBC Main object Drivemanager: Represents the

Connecting to a database with JDBC

It is estimated that nearly half of all software development involves customer (machine)/server operations. One of the great capabilities that Java can guarantee for itself is to build platform-independent client/server database applications. In


Ado ADO isn ' t automatically code-compatible with your existing data access applications. While ADO encapsulates the functionality of DAO and RDO, you are must convert many of the language elements over to ADO syntax . In the some cases, this would

JSP Learning--Comprehensive analysis of JDBC (8) Appendix

JS Appendix: JDBC TM Technology Analysis 1. Definition of JDBCTM JDBCTM is a JAVATM API for executing SQL statements, which consists of a set of classes and interfaces written in the Java programming language. JDBC provides tools/database

Using MySQL as a openldap background database

Setting up OpenLDAP with MySQL backend Use MySQL as background database installation OpenLDAP Author:tbonius OpenLDAP is a X.500 lightweight Directory Access Server used for Centralized authentication and directory lookups. This article covers

A collection of errors at the beginning of the forum

Error This 13 days, I am writing a forum, because just learn ASP time is not long, not to mention is and the first time to write a forum, encountered a lot of mistakes. In writing the forum, I have encountered some of the mistakes recorded Recorded,

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