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SSI use Details (ii)

Detailed below we will introduce each. 1. config command The config command is primarily used to modify the default settings for SSI. which ErrMsg: Sets the default error message. In order to return the user-defined error message normally, the

Ping the WAN link through ICMP

How the ICMP ping test works Ping is a dedicated IP network tool that Ping sends an ICMP echo request message to the destination and reports whether it receives the expected ICMP echo response. Each operating system has the Ping tool installed, and

Linux Basic Operations 9 understanding and Learning Bash

A know bash this shell 1 management of the entire computer hardware is actually the operating system's core, this kernel needs to be protected, so our average user can only through the shell to communicate with the kernel, so that the kernel to

Linux settings and ways to view environment variables

1. Show Environment Variables Home $ echo $HOME /home/redbooks 2. Set up a new environment variable Hello $ export hello= "hello!" $ echo $HELLO Hello! 3. Display all environment variables using the ENV command $ env

Oracle on the meaning and usage of files under Bin directory

Oracle Utilities interpretation under the $ORACLE _home/bin binary first Available description--------- ------ ---------- ------------------------------------------adapters (7.3.4) installed network adaptersagentctl 9.0.1

PHP can also be used as a shell script

Installation of PHP execution files General PHP as a web processing language is to be compiled into Apache module, here of course not to do, and therefore compiled very simple, as long as the identity of the root of the following actions: Untie

A method of determining whether a process exists in DOS

Detects if a process exists and makes a predetermined action. Tasklist/nh>d:tddown~11.txt find/i "QQ.exe" D:tddown~11.txt if errorlevel 1 (echo Qq.exe does not exist) else (echo Qq.ex exists) ------------a second----------- tasklist/nh|find/i

Tip: Php+mysql Dynamic Web page Programming error correction guide

As for the database in the Web programming, the function of the database is more and more cannot be neglected. Referring to the database, it should be said that PHP has very strong database support capabilities, from FileMaker to Oracle, almost all

Getting Linux commands to accelerate

Most of the commands in Linux do only one thing, so complex tasks can be accomplished by gluing various programs together using the Shell scripting language. This paper makes full use of powerful, but simple and easy to learn gadgets, to give some

How to query the current shell versions and types under the Linux command line

There are several ways to see what shell you are currently using, and the easiest way is to use the shell's special parameters. First, a special parameter named "$$" represents the PID of the shell instance that you are currently running. This

Install JDK and Environment settings under UNIX and Linux

Unix I have successfully installed JDK (JDK-1_5_0_02-LINUX-I586.RPM) on the HP Workstation Visualize C3600 UNIX system and My Computer Fedora Core 3, and the process is simple: 1. Download JDK (jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm) from the Internet,

Script to add mail address to Mailscanner whitelist and blacklist

[Root@mail ~]# more scripts/ #!/bin/bash #Purpose: Add spam email address into mailscanner conf file #Author: Andylhz #Date: 2010-07-20 White_list=/opt/mailscanner/etc/rules/spam.whitelist.rules

What are the common Linux commands?

Linux system The common commands for Linux are: echo command Example: Echo $PATH. Function: Displays the parameters in the command line to the standard output. Date command Example: Date. Function: Displays or sets the system time, does not

Using Php+javascript to create Ajax search Windows

   first, the introductionOne of the most widely used features in the Web world is search. With the development of web technology, in order to better meet customer demand, the regular search engine began to more unconventional way "open the door."

Basics of Linux Basics (iii) file basic operations management and common commands

File Basic Operations The command "CP" is used to copy files or directories: $ CP [-R] Source (folder) destination file (folder) -R recursively copies the entire directory, which is used by the Replication folder -V display details, cp-rv or

PHP echo function

Echo is very important in PHP, although it seems simple syntax is simple, but the echo function is often used in the program, it is used for the loss, variables, strings, constants, HTML and so on; As you can see in the past lesson, the PHP command

Go PHP can also be used as a shell Script

Why is PHP so red? Recently, PHP (Personal hypertext preprocessor) seems to have become the most widely used web-processing language in the last two years, and its convenience, powerful features and opensource characteristics make it gradually erode

Parameters for common shell commands

1, LS: Similar to the DOS under the dir command LS The most commonly used parameter has three:-a-l-F. Ls–a Files on Linux are treated as hidden files by the system, with the LS command is not visible to them, and with ls-a in addition to

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup command LS to display the current directory file list server Tutorial by default Ls-a Show all files including hidden files LS-L displays file attributes, including size, date, symbolic connection,

Scheduled automatic backup of Oracle database under Windows system

Implementation objective: To avoid data loss or errors, a scheduled backup of database data How to Implement: Oracle Export +windows Task complete Learning methods: The Prophet, then know the reason why Implementation process: 1. Create file

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