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PHP logs visitors ' information and generates pictures

PHP Records visitors ' information and generates pictures, as shown below. The code is as follows, this article only wrote some elementary things, the need of friends can be modified according to their own situation. Articles that you may be

A class that generates a static HTML file from a template file

Generally we use PHP to output an HTML file, always with $head= "......" such a long string to complete. This class mainly provides a simple way to output HTML files in PHP. Avoids the presence of too many long strings in the program. The class

To implement a function that pushes n months down from a specified time

Timing | function Author: bjbs_270 Some time ago to do one months report statistics with the title of the function, combined with others with mktime () function I wrote a but then always error, depressed pole. Spend a little time on the weekend to

PHP A class that sends messages

Now a lot of host space is IIS on the implementation of PHP programs, most of them can not directly use mail () to send mail, with this class as long as you have registered mailbox, you can send the mail at will, speed is not slow oh. //************

How to correctly count Chinese words?

Statistics | Chinese PHP code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Ccstrlen ($STR) #计算中英文混合字符串的长度 { $ccLen = 0; $ascLen =strlen ($STR); $ind = 0; $hasCC =ereg ("[Xa1-xfe]", $STR); #判断是否有汉字 $HASASC

PHP Application Tips Small Summary: A few useful tips

1, about PHP redirection Method One: Header ("Location:index.php");Method Two: echo "";Method Three: Echo ""; 2. Get Visitor Browser function Browse_infor (){$browser = ""; $browserver = "";$Browsers =array ("Lynx", "MOSAIC", "AOL", "Opera", "JAVA",

PHP and MySQL Basics Tutorial (ii)

mysql| Basic Tutorial Data validation Clean space The TRIM function clears the trailing space of the data, and its syntax is: Trim ($first _name); Processing of required fields In your database, some fields must be filled in. The corresponding

PHP3 Chinese document (turn)

Chinese 1th Chapter PHP3 Introduction What is PHP3? The PHP3.0 version is a server-side html-embedded Script Description language. What can PHP3 do? Perhaps the most powerful and important feature of PHP3 is his database integration layer, which

Php-push Technology realizes refresh function

"Push" technology that was hot for a while before the Server push was refreshed, but most of the internet is CGI data, and occasionally see a French website there is such an introduction, but the French can not understand, only from his program to

How to download and install Dreamweaver CS5 Chinese version

1, download completed, decompression to the computer's any directory, by the way the Dreamweaver CS5 registry download extracted. Extract 2, run the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Installation Wizard, as shown in the following illustration:

Code that converts rich text-formatted files to HTML and displays them in a Web page

Code that converts rich text-formatted files to HTML and displays them in a Web page It works like this, upload an RTF file, and then turn it into HTML display, the code is a little more complicated, Teaman still have to study hard, as if the

See examples of PHP regular expressions

Basic syntax for regular expressionsFirst, let's take a look at two special characters: ' ^ ' and ' $ ' they are used to match the start and end of the string, respectively, to illustrate"^the": matches a string that starts with "the";"Of despair$":

Converts a number to a class in Chinese. (tonight's boring work)

Chinese | convert The Sea and Canada 2000-7-19 Class Chinesenumber { var $basical =array (0=> "0", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine"); var $basical =array (0=> "0", "one", "II", "three", "Restaurant", "WU", "Lu",

PHP Novice on the road (14)

13.1 Generating Images PHP can manipulate image processing. If you have installed the GD library, you can even use PHP to generate images. ? Header ("Content-type:image/gif"); $string =implode ($ARGV, ""); $im = Imagecreatefromgif

A PHP bidirectional encryption and decryption method

Based on the conversion of the systemMade by Huyang @2005-01-20| | 11-04-06# #用n进位制到m进位制# #0 ~9a-z, up to 36 in rangeprint ' encryption decryption method ';Class carry{function Carry ($n, $m){$this->n= $n;$this->m= $m;$this->chn[' 0

PHP is in use

Regular expressions, as a quick and convenient tool for handling strings, are widely used in a variety of programming languages, and some of the techniques used in PHP are documented below. My regular primer is an article originating from the Web [1]

How to use regular expressions in PHP

Regular expressions in PHP are used in the processing of complex strings. The supported regular expressions are as follows: Ereg () Ereg_replace () Eregi () Eregi_replace () Split () (1) Ereg,eregi This is a regular expression matching function,

Send email with socket in PHP (c)

Mail delivery processing Here is the real secret, but look carefully. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 function Send ($to, $from, $subject, $message) 2 { 3 4//Connection server 5 $this->lastact=

After Effects CS5 serial number is permanently used

After Effects CS5 only support 64-bit system, 32-bit machine friends also please go to download the CS4 version of the ~ Available serial numbers: 1023-1172-7610-4050-5859-7528 1023-1443-9006-1274-4532-4151 1023-1525-3539-9769-2979-9905 1023-112

PHP and MySQL combined to create a simple message this program

Database structure: (Library name: LYB)Table One: adminField: ID (int11) name (VARCHVR) password (VARCHVR) Table II: LOField: ID (int11) Username (VARCHVR) Sex (VARCHVR) QQ (VARCHVR) Email (VARCHVR) info (text) IP (VARCHVR) submit_time (datetim E 1

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