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What is the working process of the search engine

Search engine work process is very complex, we simply introduced how the search engine is to achieve the page rank. The introduction here is relative to the real search engine technology is only fur, but for SEO personnel is enough to use. The

Turn the DNG format to Lightroom faster steps

Lightroom is a very convenient and powerful tool, but speed is not very ideal for many people, how can it be faster? In addition to improving the hardware, from the photographer Andrew S. Gibson, the following steps and techniques can effectively

Separate and unchanging code

When working with files, the code we want to write is robust. If a long-running file handler does not perform a robust operation on the file, there are some problems. such as an HTTP server, it is mainly to open the file and read the content, sent

Mac on the pictures to deal with those things with good pictures to help you

Digital post-processing master Usually this view of the late: the software is no longer strong, the perfect combination of professional and convenient, can efficiently handle the perfect work is the most important. This shows that if you do not have

VC + + Use memory-mapped file to process large files

Absrtact: This paper gives a convenient and practical method to solve the processing of large file reading and storage, and introduces the specific implementation process with the relevant program code. Introduction File operations are one of the

Photoshop to pull out gorgeous interior portrait photo effect

Look at the effect chart first. The following is the original artwork Edit-Preferences-file handling gives priority to JPEG files using Adobe camera This option, if not on the hook, remember to check The

Asp. NET creates files and writes to content| is created in, the whole process of file processing revolves around the namespace of System.IO. This namespace has classes that are required to perform file reads and writes. Starting with the most basic operation, this article

10 tips for improving the speed and performance of Lightroom software

After using the Lightroom for a period of time, feel more and more slowly, or because of a wide range of work, hoping to improve the efficiency of LR? Here are 10 tips from the founder of SLR Lounge, a foreign website, without installing programs

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