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WPS 2009 Advanced Find Replacement Plug-in application

WPS since the introduction of plug-in platform, there are new plug-ins come out today, we will take a look at the "Advanced Find Replacement" plug-in application. First, install the Advanced Find replace Plug-in 1, open WPS Official website of the

Word2013 tips for modifying fonts using the Replace feature

1, open the document, as shown in the following figure. For example, use the text content of the founder Shu body instead of bold. 2. On the Start tab, edit group, click Replace. 3. Open the Find and Replace dialog box, and

Word double underline bulk substitution becomes single underline

With a powerful replacement in Word, we can make bulk replacements at once. However, there are some special attributes of symbols or characters, it is not possible to replace using the normal method, because these special symbols or attributes, in

Use Word to find text that replaces the specified color

This feature is available in Word2000, 2003, and 2007 versions. Below we take the Word2007 version as an example to remove the white text from the text. 1. Open the document you want to replace, and select Replace on the Start tab. 2. Copy the

How Word "Replace" to change layout format in bulk

download from the Internet, "a dream of Red mansions", each Huitian only "roll up the first xx back" marked the bold, it looks very eye-catching. Below we through the format substitution way, one key will all "rolls up xx back" enlarges the font

Find and replace character formats in Word2010

Use the Word2010 Find and Replace feature to find and replace characters, and to find and replace character formatting (such as finding or replacing fonts, font sizes, font colors, and so on), as described in the following procedure: Step 1th, open

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