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Usage of console in Javascript

The console object is the native object of JavaScript, a bit like the standard output stdout and standard error stderr of UNIX systems, which can output a variety of information to debug a program, and also provides a number of additional methods

Canvas path strokes and fills in a drawing

1. Path, stroke and fill To date, the only figure we have drawn in this chapter is the rectangle drawn by invoking the Strokerect () method on the canvas drawing environment object. We also populate it by calling the FillRect () method. Both of

A study of Range object in HTML5

One: The concept of a Range object A Range object represents a contiguous area on a page that, through the Range object, allows you to get or modify any area on the page, by creating an empty Range object as follows: var range =

Automatically update data in real time with XMLHTTP without refreshing.

xml| Data | refresh | no refresh Some time ago wrote several examples about the use of XMLHTTP. (You can go to to see some of the previous series on XMLHTTP introduction.) Recently, the forum

[ AJAX] Introduction to methods of function objects and type classes

Ajax|| objects The last time we had a general understanding of JavaScript Microsoft AJAX Library Because of the temporary things, not to join the case is a bit abstract, this time will certainly through some cases more intuitive to

Ajax+servlet instance

Ajax|servlet Ajax asynchronous request, the servlet produces random data, HTML page no refresh display.Operating Environment: Jdk1.5+tomcat 5.5 First, Package Com;import;import;import

Ajax QuickStart HTTP Protocol Basics

Ajax| QuickStart A good grasp of AJAX technology is the understanding of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is used to transfer Web pages, images, and other types of files on the Internet that are transmitted between browsers and servers. As

Using PHP JavaScript to make Ajax search engines

first, the introduction One of the most widely used features in the Web world is search. With the development of web technology, in order to better meet customer demand, the regular search engine began to more unconventional way "open the door." In

DIV+CSS Analog Table Diagonal

First of all: this is only to explore the use of a CSS simulation table diagonal, actually in the work may feel that this is a bit of a fuss, this is not the focus of this topic discussion. If you think of this friend, please smile ...Sometimes when

Web page design page Layout tutorial: CSS Layout new properties

Article Introduction: The new CSS properties provide us with a more convenient way to layout our web pages. Thomas Lewis from Microsoft will take you to the three major areas of grid Alignment,flexibox box and multi-column layout. The

HTML+CSS Tutorial: Tables table elements Web page making tips

Article Introduction: The table element is used in HTML to render tabular data. You can use it as a way to describe and present data that can be used in spreadsheets. element is used in HTML to render tabular data. You can use it as a

CSS Grid layout: Create a Web page Picture Slide Gallery Special effects

Article Introduction: Here we guide you to use the grid layout to create a picture gallery of the Lightbox effect. We use the grid layout to organize the content of the page, and use the media query to optimize the layout, for horizontal screen

CSS3 Grid Layout module: Grid Layout implementation page layout

Article Introduction: a task of the CSS3 grid layout module is to help us deal with very simple and clear any web-imposer (not only), most likely a content block in a virtual network location. Objective In my opinion, the CSS3 grid layout

Web design CSS Page layout: The future of CSS page layout

Article Introduction: as we all know, CSS has a wonderful feature, however, it is disappointing that CSS support for basic page layout is deficient. But the situation is changing, and more dynamic pages are supported by CSS, as Peter Gasston said.

Using JS to realize simple waterfall flow effect

Haha, I am here again, in this period of time, I have a simple study of JavaScript (JS), although not very understand, but I also simply try to do a little things, such as the current popular waterfall flow effect, after my efforts finally

The realization of JS waterfall flow layout

When it comes to waterfall flow layout, let's take a picture to illustrate what waterfall flow is good. This is a screenshot of my graduation (the content is I temporarily climbed down from other sites to test ...). Then we can see from this

jquery related content: A simple analysis of jquery

Article Introduction: Simple analysis of the jquery principle, the small jacket that clawed the jquery. Introduction The LZ is still in the third chapter of the digestive system principle recently, so this part of the content LZ intends

FAQ for Getting Started with XML (iv)

xml| problem How do I handle whitespace characters in the XML object model?Sometimes, the XML object model displays a TEXT node that contains white space characters. When whitespace characters are truncated, some confusion is likely to

The structure and syntax of XML introductory fine solution

xml| syntax Now let's use Notepad to create our XML file. First look at an XML file: Example 1 〈?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "gb2312"?ResourcesBooksName 〉xml Introductory Refinement 〈/nameAuthor John 〈/authorPrice currency unit = "RMB"

XML-based desktop applications

As mentioned earlier in the XML, we can submit the same data to the end user in different data forms through XSL, an XSL file describes how the data is displayed, and you can connect many XSL and the same XML document to provide different html-based

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