float max

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Just learned to program, wrote an algorithm to determine the relationship between independent point and polygon position (C #)

Programming | algorithm #region using directives Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.ComponentModel; Using System.Data; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Windows.Forms; #endregion Namespace P_polygon { Partial class Form1

How to judge the type of triangle type in C language applet

The first to judge the type of triangle, two floating-point data can not directly judge the equality, for the convenience of input, set their own low precision, 10^ ( -3) Copy code code as follows: #include #include #define Epsinon 1e-3

Android sensor; draw a lottery function

Package com.kane.sensortest; Import Java.util.Random; Import Android.hardware.Sensor; Import android.hardware.SensorEvent; Import Android.hardware.SensorEventListener; Import Android.hardware.SensorManager; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import

Overloads of the C # method

In the previous example, we have actually seen the overload of the constructor. Program Listing 11-7: Using System; Class Vehicle//Definition of auto class { public int wheels;///Publicly owned member: number of wheels protected float weight;/

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