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HTML5 PostMessage resolving cross-domain, cross-window message delivery

Usually do web development when about message delivery, in addition to the client and the server to pass the value of a few often encountered problems 1. Data transfer of the page and its open new window 2. Message passing between multiple windows 3.

Extensible programming mode for C + +

Note: Design principles----Try not to modify the base class content, there are new things to be implemented from the derived class. The layer-by-layer derivation. The derivation pattern makes it possible to extend, #ifndef Win_32_test_h#define Win_3

Clever ways to create graphics using PHP 5.0

Create | Graphics This article will show you how to build an object-oriented graphics layer using PHP. Using object-oriented systems can be used to build complex graphics, which is much simpler than using the basic functionality provided in a

Asp. NET generates statistical graphics for business data| Data | statistics | Graphics in the use of Excel processing reports, often to use the system with the chart tool to generate a scale diagram, not only intuitive, but also professional. Of course, the Office Web Components feature can also

Use color in J2ME mobile program development

In J2ME mobile phone development process, need to often use color to draw, enhance the performance of the program, the following describes how to use color. Because the J2ME technology is relatively simple, it does not implement a specialized color

Raphael.js Map of China

In this article to share how to use Raphael.js to complete the map interaction, Raphael.js is a very small JavaScript library, it can be in the Web page to draw a variety of vector graphics, various types of charts, as well as image clipping,

JSP page invoke applet to realize the capitalization conversion of RMB

js| Case | rmb | page | conversion Implementation method One Applet Implementation page is rmb.jsp, this page is through the applet to achieve the RMB lowercase conversion to uppercase. This page has three variables that need to be initialized

Implement a data bar graph in a page| Data | Page bar charts are sometimes called "bar" graphs. In my last article, "in the implementation data graph" has already introduced in the browser to see the chart, generally is the picture file. Can you also generate these

Android's Compass (compass) detailed

Compass (Compass) is a custom view that inherits the view class, overriding the bounds (onmeasure) and content (OnDraw) of the views; As shown in figure: The following is the specific design of the compass: 1. Create Compassview class, compass

JavaScript automatically changes the text size and color effects

Hello, this is a JavaScript code to change the size and color of text

JSP page invoke applet to realize the capitalization conversion of RMB (II.)

js| Case | rmb | page | conversion Appendix 1. Applet code: Package lqh.rmb.Applicate; Import java.awt.*; Import java.awt.event.*; Import java.applet.*; Import lqh.rmb.*; public class RMB extends Applet { Private

Using GDI + to draw graphics in Using GDI + to draw graphics in gdi+--the next generation of configuration interfaces all graphical user interface (GUI) applications interact with hardware devices (displays, printers, scanners), which can be represented as reading

Using Java three steps to realize cool Button

is not always feel that the Java button is difficult to look at, especially toolbar buttons, if you can make a cool button like word how good, in fact, with Java to achieve, it is not difficult, as long as 3 steps on it. That simple? Right! It's so

JavaScript greedy Snake full version

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript full version of the snake (source code) for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. JavaScript greedy full version annotation complete,

Use canvas to make simple game menus in J2ME

Menu We know MIDP's graphical user interface is divided into two categories, namely, the advanced graphical user interface and the low-level user interface. In general, the advanced graphical user interface class is easy to use, portability, but the

Asp. NET dynamically create a histogram and pie chart| pie Chart | create | dynamic | Histogram to do Web project development, it is inevitable to encounter dynamic create a histogram or pie chart. You are now using. NET technology to create them dynamically. Because of its own more like

Android ToDoList (custom style) detailed

Android allows you to derive subclasses from the existing View toolbox (Widget Tool Box) or implement your own view controls; By overriding the event handlers and the OnDraw () method, but still recalling the superclass (super) method, you can

Java implementation returns the information generated by the CMD console

Before writing Java, want to practice handwriting an editor, involving the compilation of Java code, consider the call with Javac.exe to compile, this code is used to compile the error feedback to the GUI. Similarly, any commands executed under CMD

When you touch the word, the background changes.

Onmouseover= "Randombackground ()" > the name of the connection

. NET Development AutoCAD2006 Guide (ii)

In the last article to you briefly. NET development AutoCAD process, which introduced me to write a simplified program development of the Zhfarx library. Here's a brief introduction to the main functions in the Zhfarx library and how to use it to

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