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IP query Interface address library and its simple use method

Here to share a few of the current can be used, we need. First, Taobao IP address library *. URL: *. Request interface (GET): Http://[ip address] *. Returns the data format:

Several methods of the jquery traversal filter array

  This article introduces several methods of the jquery traversal filtering array and the concrete implementation of parsing the JSON object, and interested friends don't miss the jquery grep () filter traversal array code as follows: $ ().

jquery Ajax.getscript Caching problem

Add a cache switch for $.getscript () The code is as follows Add cache control to Getscript method(function ($) {$.getscript = function (URL, callback, cache) {$.ajax ({type: ' Get ', Url:url, Success:callback, DataType: ' Script ',

jquery dynamic loading of JS three methods examples

Here for you to provide three kinds of dynamic loading JS jquery instance code Oh, because jquery is to provide users with convenience, so the use of jquery dynamic loading files as long as a word $.getscript ("test.js"); OK. Copy Code code as

jquery dynamic loading of JS three methods

jquery dynamic loading of JS three methods

Method of dynamically loading JS script files using jquery

  Dynamically loading JavaScript is a powerful and useful technique. This topic has been discussed on the Internet a lot, and I often use REQUIREJS and dojo to load JS on some personal projects. They are powerful, but sometimes they do not outweigh

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