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Example: A procedure for querying a domain name written with

This program is the first Bigengle brothers posted on the chinaasp, is a very good program to explain the advanced application of However, the biggest drawback is that the Chinese domain name does not support the Chinese language, the

Multithreaded port scanner written by C #

Program | port Scan | Multithreading Author: She I was fortunate enough to buy a CD with Visual Studio. NET, and hastily install a set, a very good feeling, learn to write Port scanner one, dedicated to this edition of Friends: Using

. Several different mail delivery solutions under the net environment

Resolve 1, send with Outlook For example: I have seen the Ufida U8 manufacturing (demo), where the mail function is by calling the Outlook ActiveX components Advantages: Simple Development Disadvantage: Dependent on Outlook components, SMTP Mail

Asp. NET send ICQ message DIY ASP. NET send ICQ information diy Here I provide you with a very practical example, is to send ICQ information online. Think about how wonderful it is for us to send ICQ messages directly to our friends on the Web page. Oh, in the boast

asp+ First Experience---asp+ Domain name query program written in C #

Asp+| program finally have time to learn something new, today, a cursory look at the information about asp+, and wrote a domain name Query page, feeling very good, asp+ than ASP to progress is too big, although using asp+ components can also realize

C # Mail Send component source code

Source //============================================================File:MailSender.csMail Send componentSupport ESMTP, multiple attachments//============================================================ Namespace Jcpersonal.utility{Using

Use C # to interact with the NNTP server!

Server | interaction Using System; Using System.Text; Using System.Net; Using System.IO; Using System.Net.Sockets; Using System.Collections; Using System.Diagnostics; Namespace Nntptools { Summary description of the CLASS1. Class Debug { The main

C # Network programming (synchronous transmission string)

Server-Side client communication After the connection to the server is established, we can send and receive data through this connection. Ports and ports transmit data in streams, because almost any object can be saved to the stream, so you can

asp+ Domain Name query program written in C #

asp+| Program Finally have time to learn something new, today I looked at the information about asp+, and wrote a domain name Query page, feeling very good, asp+ thanThe ASP to progress is too big, although uses the asp+ component also to be able to

C # Domain Name query

Queryinternic.aspx TcpClient TCPC = new TcpClient (); Try { Tcpc. Connect ("", 43); } catch (SocketException ex) { Response.Write (ex. ToString ()); Response.End (); } String strdomain = "\r\n"; byte[] to realize pop function* Tofu production is a boutique Http:// Tofu Technology Station If reproduced please retain the full copyright information */ I have said before how to use socket programming under the to implement domain name query,

Asp. NET send ICQ information DIY (1)

Here I provide you with a very practical example, is to send ICQ information online. Think about how wonderful it is for us to send ICQ messages directly to our friends on the Web page. Oh, in the boast Ah, in fact, ICQ has been sent online code,

Using C # to implement Trojan horse program

Program | trojan Visitor, Hello! Transfer to Netcom Station | Switch to Telecom station building block Home | More than 500 kinds of Web page effects finishing | Practical Query Function Manual | Block network bt Download Alliance | Classic Jokes |

Dotnet (C #) socket BASIC Programming

Programming Socket BASIC Programming Service side: Using System.Net; Using System.Net.Sockets; Using System.Text; Using System.Threading; Thread Mythread; Socket socket; Clean up all resources that are in use. protected override void

Creating an SMTP mail system based on

You may be accustomed to using the JMail component in an ASP program to send and receive mail, a built-in class that sends emails in the System.Web.Mail namespace, but this is only an illusion of CDOSYS. Developers can use an alternative to

Using C # to implement network communication based on TCP protocol

Internet TCP protocol is a basic network protocol, basically all network services are based on TCP protocol, such as Http,ftp and so on, so to understand the network programming must understand the TCP protocol based programming. However, the TCP

Serialization of data in remoting

Data This article describes two classes, BinaryFormatter and SoapFormatter, that transmit serialized data over the network. These classes can convert an instance of a class into a stream of bytes over the network to a remote system, or they can be

Use. NET access to the Internet (3) Paul

Access Using the TCP service The TcpClient class uses TCP to request data from Internet resources. TcpClientMethod and property to extract the creation details of a Socket instance that is used to request and receive data over TCP. Because a

A study on C # 2.0 socket Programming Example

Programming first from the principle of the use of Socket Interface network communication, here with the most commonly used C/s mode as an example, first, the server has a process (or multiple processes) in the specified port waiting for customers

C # port Scan

Port scan Using System;Using System.Drawing;Using System.Collections;Using System.ComponentModel;Using System.Windows.Forms;Add the following.Using System.Data;Using System.Net.Sockets;Using System.Net;Using System.IO;Using System.Text;Using

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