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Getting Started with PHP design mode-Registry mode

The application scenario for this pattern is not too good to summarize, but based on previous experience, the registry class often stores objects that need to be used elsewhere, such as Redis, memcache, and configuration information config, which

Getting Started with PHP: Day sixth of PHP

A flexible string. Because of the flexibility of the expression, we can use the "mapping" method to bring up a string or function. $a = ' B '; $b = ' 123 '; echo $ $a; This can output 123. But the better habit is the echo ${$a}, which is clearer. $c

PHP Collection csdn Blog Sidebar reading ranking

Project to use the data collected, so first take CSDN blog to try. This library uses the simple HTML DOM (official website), which makes it easy to traverse HTML documents. Find ("#hotarticls ul.panel_body Li A[title]")//Get ID=HOTARTICLS under

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